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Last February 8 I attended my very first BDJBox Beauty Soiree. I felt I had to attend this because the topic is definitely one of my interests: nail art! This one is titled Nail Love, and is the first of the Revlon Nail Party Series. The guest speaker was a member BDJ’s own beauty ministry: Nicole Romero. She also blogs over at Beauty and Sparkle.


Ms Nicole Romero

Nicole discussed the basics of manicure and went into detail with nail art techniques.


Some of her presentation slides

After her talk, the rest of the workshop was dedicated to attempting our own nail art based on her presentation. We were provided individual battlestations consisting of a bottle of nail polish remover (which smelled nice!), some fabric squares, a makeup sponge, a double-ended dotting tool, and a tray. We were also provided some transparent tape and a wooden stick, to share among us tablemates.


Ready battlestations!


I am ready for battle!

We were also provided the nail polish that we were going to use for our nail art. Revlon PH graciously provided all of these for each of the participants, and we got to take them home!


Holy nail polish loot, Batman!

Clockwise starting from the left in this photo: Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Polish in Seduce, Revlon Matte Top Coat, Revlon Nail Brightener, Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish in Ginger Melon, Revlon Nail Art Expressionist in Night and Degas, and Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy in Satellite. I’m pretty happy as these are actually my first Revlon polishes! We were told that the Parfumerie haven’t been released in the PH yet and we’re the first to try! It’s basically a nail polish that has a nice scent upon drying. This one smelled really sweet, kinda like cotton candy.

Here is what I came up with.


To anchor the design I painted a red base with white dots on the pointer and pinky fingers. For the feature nails I have a shiny red heart on a base of matte black on the ring fingers, white stripes and sparkles on a plum base on the middle fingers, and more sparkles on a red and pink base on the thumbs. Here’s another shot of the finished product.


I definitely still need more practice on tape manicures. The tape still took out a huge chunk of the base polish and I needed to paint over the destroyed surfaces resulting in a very uneven finish. My favorite is the matte black polish; it dries super fast and it looks soooo good! I was able to paint a right-hand version of it which is definitely inferior than the left.


I definitely enjoyed my time at the Beauty Soiree! I met some new friends who have similar interests, and they were the nicest gals!


Awesome tablemates!

I regret not being able to meet these other girls at the other tables. They seemed nice too!


Thank you to the BDJ team, Nicole Romero, and Revlon PH for hosting this event! I am looking forward to the next installment in the Nail Party Series!

naillove11 naillove12

A surprise came in the mail for me a few days ago that got me really really excited. Say hello to my very first Belle de Jour Power Planner!


Isn’t she beautiful? I’ve always wanted to get my own BDJ planner since last year, but I never had the chance to get one. Thanks to BDJ, I get to try this much praised planner for 2014. I received the hardbound version with the iconic BDJ girl illustration in front. There are two more versions available: the executive gray leather and the spiral bound with the BDJ girl illustration. I really like the version I got because it looks very professional and chic, and at the same time it still looks fun!


Belle de Jour planner has tons of features! Here are my favorite ones.


My Blog Ideas – This is one of the first feature pages, and it’s already something I can specifically use! No more need for scattered pieces of paper when the inspiration hits me, I can put it all here!


2014 Goals – Goal setting is very important to make sure that I won’t lose sight of what I want to achieve in life. This page will keep me reminded of those goals, and keep me aligned to the path I want to take.


Dream Board – I’ve never done anything like this before! I want to see how my dreams develop, and this is such a great place to keep a record of.


Coupons/Vouchers – I have to say that this is one of the reasons I initially wanted a BDJ planner. The sheer amount of vouchers and the value is just staggering! The nice thing about this is that the selection is mostly something I can use.


Events Tracker – As someone with many roles to fill, I sometimes overlook some events that I need to set aside time for. This is a great way to keep track of all of them!

planner08 planner09

Spacious calendar pages – The main meat of the planner is of course the calendar pages. I am glad to see that it is very spacious and unlined, as I tend to be a little messy when it comes to listing itineraries. My only complaint is, as usual, the weekends are smashed together into one column. As someone who works on weekends, I wanted a planner that have separate columns for Saturday and Sunday. Then again, I’ve never really seen a planner with that specific feature yet.


Emergency information – Towards the end of the planner, there is a page with a list of emergency numbers. This is always useful and practical, kudos to the BDJ team for including this.


Stickers and voucher sleeve – Last but not the least, I love this very useful detail. I’m a huge fan of stickers and this sheet is just so fab! The voucher sleeve is very useful as well, and it lets me bring the vouchers without toting the entire planner when I go out.

All in all, I am so happy to have gotten this planner. There is just so much attention to detail that the BDJ team put here, and I can’t help but admire their dedication. Thank you so much for letting me try this!

You can get your own BDJ planner here. The exclusive gray leather version costs Php680, while both the hardbound and the spiral bound with the BDJ girl costs Php598 each. Each order of the BDJ planner comes with the BDJ Lifestyle card which gives access to awesome deals and events.

Disclaimer: I have received the product as a gift from the BDJ team. All opinions are mine and I was not required to write anything about the products.

I received my first (and only, so far!) lip butter in the July BDJ Box, the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in the shade Lollipop. It took me quite some time to review and swatch it, and I am now finally able to share it with you.


The bullet comes with a nice frosted pink cover with a cross hatch pattern, while the actual bullet is silver with a square base. The shade name is found at the bottom.

julybdj12 julybdj10

The lipstick glides on smoothly and doesn’t tug. It moisturizes the lips pretty well even without the use of lip balm underneath. The lasting power of the color is just average at about three hours, but the moisturizing factor does stay on longer than that.


When swatched on my lips it comes out a looking a little sheer in the photo, but it’s actually is a lot brighter looking in person. The top part is my bare lips, while the bottom has two layers of Lollipop.


This lip butter costs Php525 and is available in many supermarkets and drugstores at Revlon counters. Revlon is not cruelty-free.

Pros: attractive packaging; widely available; very moisturizing; shade is a nice bright pink

Cons: a little steeply priced; not cruelty-free


As you may have gathered from my September Favorites, Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream is performing quite well for me. Even though at the start I wasn’t too keen on this because of the “whitening” aspect, I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad I did.


This BB cream is part of the September BDJ box. It claims to have 8 skin benefits:

  1. whitens and brightens skin
  2. protects skin from ultra violet rays
  3. helps heal acne blemishes
  4. softens and hydrates dry skin
  5. promotes cell renewal
  6. reduces pigmentation
  7. retains moisture
  8. aids in improving skin elasticity


You can check out the list of ingredients here, as well as the instructions for application. I just realized that I haven’t been following the first step which is to shake well before use. I didn’t see any adverse results for not doing that though.


It comes in the standard tube with a spout which easily controls the amount of product dispensed. It has a thick consistency but spreads quite easily over skin. I’m lucky to get a shade that matches my skin quite well. It is just a bit lighter than the Revlon BB cream that I have which actually makes it perfect. Check out the swatch on my arm. The left side is a tiny amount of product and on the right is the blended swatch.


Here is how it looks on my face.


Bare face


After BB cream application


With the rest of the makeup on

Not bad, isn’t it? It survives pretty well throughout the day especially if you don’t sweat too much. It does still remain on the skin even if you do sweat; I’d say this is pretty long wearing. It hasn’t broken me out and believe me I’ve been abusing the hell out of this bb cream. It has a very faint smell which I associate with cosmetics.

This BB cream is full sized at 40 ml and costs Php499. It can be bought from a Tupperware Brands dealer. I don’t have information on the animal testing policies of Tupperware Brands or Colour Collection.

Pros: reasonably priced; shade matches my skin tone; longwearing; sensitive skin friendly

Cons: available through dealers only


Before I begin I would like to say that I was honestly not looking forward to this month’s box, primarily because I was bumped to September when I originally subscribed to the August box. As August was my birth month I was really holding it as special. Imagine my huge disappointment when I received the message. Imagine my Double disappointment when I found out what the August box was (Shiseido Ibuki exclusive). So I was not really eager for this (because how could it trump a Shiseido box?!), and was triply disappointed to find out the theme. September’s theme is “Luminiscent Beauty” and as the name suggests, it has something to do with fairness and whitening. I am totally uninterested in whitening as I am quite content with my skin tone so most of this box was very underwhelming for me. However, I would like to still show you what is inside this box.

Warning: Photo-intensive post ahead. [You can click on each image to make it larger.]


September’s box is the standard BDJ black-and-pink box, but this one was a little thicker than usual.

We are greeted by the welcome cards as well as this month’s sticker (“You are the fairest of them all”). You can see the front, insides, and the back parts of the welcome cards as well.

bdjsept03 bdjsept04 bdjsept05

Upon opening we discover the reason why it’s thick. The box is fully packed, and was double decked that it protruded beyond the height of the box’s bottom.

bdjsept02 bdjsept06

Let’s go over the products in order that it appears on the welcome card. First up is L’Occitane Hand Cream. This tiny tube of hand lotion is enriched with 20% shea butter and other ingredients that will protect, moisturize, soften, and replenish skin. I have only started using hand lotions (right now using Evas Vitamin Hand) and I can see myself using this at some point. It’s a tiny tube so definitely this is portable. This 30ml tube costs Php300.

bdjsept16 bdjsept17 bdjsept18

Second in line is this Olay White Radiance celLucent White Essence Serum (whew!). It’s one of the things in the bottom layer so you weren’t able to see it in the photo above. Unfortunately this is one of those items that go for the whitening angle, although this one supposedly targets spots. This is not one of my skin problems so this shall remain unused or will be given away. This full sized 40ml bottle costs Php1499.

bdjsept11 bdjsept12

Next we have about ten sachets of Cure Natural Aqua Gel. There are a lot of raves about this exfoliator online, and I had regretted being unable to grab samples from Sampleroom, so I am actually glad to receive this bunch of samples. It claims to be a month’s supply of product, so I’m looking forward to giving this a try.  The full 250ml bottle of this costs Php1500 and can be bought from Beauty Bar. Each sachet contains at most 5ml of sample, so the total cost of the ten-pack is at most Php300.

bdjsept14 bdjsept13 bdjsept15

We have one of the top layers in the photo above next. This is Color Collection Whitening BB Cream, and I would have scoffed immediately at this since it is again targeted for whitening. It’s actually one of the reasons I didn’t get a sample of this at Sampleroom, but as I already have it I am not going to pass up the opportunity to give this a shot. This 40ml tube costs Php499 (which isn’t bad value for BB creams actually).

bdjsept07 bdjsept08 bdjsept09 bdjsept10

The next two items are from Vidal Sassoon (wow an old school brand!). The first is Vidal Sassoon Hair Treatment Mask, which takes up most of the bottom layer of the box. It’s a huge tub, containing 178ml of product, and aims to give hair the perfect dazzle and shine. While I am not against having dazzle and shine in my hair (it can certainly be improved!), I have two tubs of hair mask that I am trying to use up so it’ll be some time before I can give this a try. This tub costs Php349.

bdjsept19 bdjsept20 bdjsept21 bdjsept22

The second is Vidal Sassoon Magic Style Activator for Curl, a hair spray basically to assist in styling. Unfortunately I rarely do anything to my hair more complicated than brushing and either tying it up in a ponytail or leaving it with only a hair clip on. This is another of those items I wouldn’t be able to use. This one costs Php349 too.

bdjsept23 bdjsept24

Lastly we have Too Cool for School Emma Mini Lip Gloss. It’s a very portable gloss, and honestly seems too cute to use. It will probably join the ranks of the lipstick samples from Avon and Tellie’s mini polishes and lipsticks. This tiny 3g tube costs Php245.

bdjsept25 bdjsept26 bdjsept27

Again BDJ has this idea that vouchers are a big part of the box, but I tend to disagree. However for the sake of presentation, these vouchers are Clarity Intense Diamond Peel Voucher and Wacoal Vouchers. The first is actually a direct freebie (no purchase required), so I may go out of my way to redeem it. It has a value of Php1000. The other two are discount vouchers for specific Wacoal products, totaling a value of Php795. The only problem I have is that Wacoal bras aren’t friendly to my rather problematic bust. I’ve gotten cut and abraded skin from the wires in their bras, so I am not really that eager to try this out. I’ll probably pass this on to someone who uses Wacoal.

bdjsept31 bdjsept32

BDJ Box actually included a freebie in this box as a recompense for bumping me over to September. I chose the lipstick option (the other one was mascara, I believe) and received this Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in the shade 135 Make Me Pink. It’s a really odd shade of pink (almost neon) and looks a little weird on my lips. I’ll put up some swatches soon.

bdjsept28 bdjsept29 bdjsept30

My impressions of the September BDJ Box: I’ve pretty much expressed what I thought of this box. I really can’t help but compare it to the other box that I might have gotten (August – Shiseido Ibuki exclusive), and clearly this one pales in comparison. I would much much rather have had the chance to try out the entire Shiseido Ibuki range, than to have received items that are not in my interest at all. Given that though, I did get some items that I am interested in trying, namely the Cure Aqua Gel and the Color Collection BB Cream.

Value review: The total value of this box is around Php3500, excluding the voucher values. This seems like a pretty great deal, considering I only paid Php580 for the subscription. Looking closer at it, the bulk of this is in the Olay serum which I am not at all interested in trying. The value of the two things I really wanted to try only comes up to Php799 which I guess is still more than the subscription price.


One of the things I got from the BDJ Elite Box Girls Night Out is the Revlon Photoready BB Cream. I’m a big fan of BB creams as they are very versatile and multifunction as well. This Revlon BB Cream is no exception, as it has SPF 30 and also claims to be a Skin Perfector. Let’s see this baby in action.


This tube comes with 30ml of product, and has a twist cap and spout system that many BB creams have. It dispenses with a squeeze and you can control the amount that comes out. It’s not runny at all, but is not the thickest BB cream I’ve seen. I received the shade 020 Light Medium and is possibly the darkest BB cream I have. The good thing is that it actually seems like a pretty good match for my skin tone (which means I have been using the wrong shades of the other BB creams!).


From my bare face (only skin care applied at this point)…


I applied the Revlon BB cream using a foundation brush. There is barely any change from the bare face. This is a sign of good skin tone match! It has good coverage and is able to conceal my nose pimples quite well. It does nothing for the pores however, and I didn’t use a primer here.


Here is the complete look. I used my Nichido finishing powder to seal everything in. I’ve so far tried this on twice, and it hasn’t made my skin react.


Pros: great shade match, good coverage, price, has SPF30, sensitive skin friendly

Cons: not cruelty-free

I’m admittedly bitter about some things that happened lately, but I will choose to focus on the bright side. I got the second BDJ Elite Box to make myself feel better about things, and I have to say that it did cheer me up! I received this over the weekend and I eagerly took pictures for the unboxing.

The first thing I noticed is that there is no box. Yes, you heard that right. This Elite Box does not actually come with the big elite box that I got for the first one. It came in with a cardboard sleeve, and a humongous black pouch! The pouch is bigger than I expected, and a lot more glam too!


Here are the products included in this Elite Box (they all fit into the pouch!).


As usual it came with the set of cute cards that discuss each product, and included the size of the product included, and the price of the full-sized product (note: the product included is not necessarily all full sized as I’ll show you below).


As there does not seem to have an order specified in the curation cards, I’ll do another Tellie and present them in the order of my preference.

1. Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream

girlsnightout13 girlsnightout14

I definitely bought this set mainly for this product. I was a little sad that it was not full sized, but was only a teeny tiny 0.1oz sample. It’s great that I will be able to try this out as I’m still on the search for my HG eye cream and this is actually in my short list of eye creams to try. The full sized product is 0.5oz, and costs Php1800, so this sample should cost Php360. Benefit is largely cruelty-free. Update: Benefit does not test finished products on animals, but they do not guarantee the same for ingredients or chemicals. Thanks Carina for the info!

2. Fairydrops Platinum Mascara

girlsnightout08 girlsnightout09

I’ve been reading raves about this mascara, primarily from Liz of Project Vanity, and I’ve always wanted to try it out. The price is a little steep at Php1195 for a tube of mascara so I’ve never gotten the nerve to buy one. Since it’s included in this Elite Box this is also a big reason why I purchased the box. I don’t have information on Fairydrops’ stance on animal testing. Update: Fairydrops is most probably a cruelty-free company as they are carried by Beauty Bar and BB’s brands are mostly CF.

3. Revlon Photoready BB Cream Skin Perfector


I’m a big fan of Revlon, and have been wanting to try their BB creams for some time. Unfortunately they are not entirely a cruelty-free company so I’ve decided not to buy from them. However I will not turn my nose up when it is included in the Elite Box. I got the shade 020 Light Medium and I hope this is a good match for my skin tone. This is a full sized tube, 30ml, and costs Php725.

4. Goody So Bright Brush


Goody is one of those brands that I deem “nice to have” because of the price of the products. I believe that they have good quality products, but it really is a little steeply priced for me. This Elite Box has one of their brushes! It’s just a standard hair brush (good quality though!) but it already costs Php399.75. I have made a preliminary test of this and I love how it feels on my scalp. I got the pink version which is my second-favorite color. I don’t have information on Goody’s stance on animal testing.

5. L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil


This would have been higher on the list, had I not just acquired the Lucido-L Hair Treatment from the SM Beauty Box. I am starting to be a fan of hair oils and this bottle seems really luxurious. Perhaps the heavy glass bottle (breakable!) and the gold sheen just screams luxury, but I’m definitely hoping this is a performer. This 100ml bottle costs Php499. L’Oreal is not cruelty-free.

6. Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance


Now this would have been lower on the list, except I’m actually out for a replacement for my everyday fragrance (I ran out of my FCUK body spray). BDJ gives you the choice of the four variants of this fragrance, and I chose RL Yellow (pear and mimosa). It turns out to be a roll on fragrance which is a first for me. I love how this smells so far. This 10ml roll on tube costs Php750. RL is not cruelty-free.

7. Nippon Cleansing Kit


This is low on the list because I don’t really need a new makeup remover (I’m already contented with my current combo of Bifesta Cleansing Lotion and Celeteque Cleansing Oil). What I’m interested in is the Parian Wipe, which is a brush cleaner. The round sponges are a bonus and will definitely be used in the future. The total cost of this kit is Php410. I don’t have information on Nippon Esthetics’ stance on animal testing.

8. Covergirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner

girlsnightout11 girlsnightout12

The reason that this is last on the list is called Eye of Horus Eyeliner. This Covergirl eyeliner basically has the same function as the EoH one and I’m not even using that often. This one costs Php450. I don’t have information on Covergirl’s stance on animal testing. Update: Covergirl is not cruelty-free.

Bonus: Goody Come Play! Invite

girlsnightout17 girlsnightout18 girlsnightout15

This would actually be #3 on the list since I would really want to go to this event!

My impressions of the Girls Night Out Elite Box: I love that almost all the items in this box is full sized. Only the Benefit eye cream and the brush wipes and sponges are the sample sized ones. It also seems that the products really do tie in with the overall theme of the box (Girls Night Out) and I can see myself really using almost all of the products in that respect. I love the pouch as well and would not scoff at using it as my clutch for an event.

Value review: The total value of the box is around Php4700, which is around 3 times the cost of the subscription (Php1680). Most of the value is in the first three items, which I would have paid to buy. All the other items can be considered free, and is definitely such a great value. To be honest the Covergirl eyeliner is the only one I didn’t want to get from this. And I get a nice pouch too! I’d say this Elite Box is a great buy.

With the release of the July BDJ Box, I now have a total of six (regular) boxes from them. I feel that it is time to do a round up of the boxes I received. The boxes included in this Round Up are the following: November 2012, December-January 2013, February 2013, May 2013, June 2013, and July 2013. I paid the old price of Php480 for these boxes.

As you well know, I love looking at numbers and trends. For the round up I decided to create a table to make it easier to visualize. I listed the products I received in each box. The ones colored green are the products that I use frequently until present; the ones colored blue are the products I use occasionally; the purple ones are the ones I used once or twice; the black ones are the ones I haven’t used; the orange ones are the ones I tried and finished (but haven’t continued using or rebought); and finally the red ones are the ones I gave away. There are also gray shaded items, which denote the sample sized products (non shaded ones are full sized). [Note: You can click on these photos for a bigger size.]

bdjroundup1 bdjroundup2 bdjroundup3

Here is a summary of the numbers for each category.


The very first thing I noticed here is the really great trend with sample sized products vs full sized products. Check out this chart.


You can see that as the months roll along the number of sample sized products decreased while the number of full sized products increased. It culminated in a mindblowing July box that is 100% full sized. This is greatly appreciated! It is quite a good feeling to receive full sized products in my boxes, but I do also appreciate the samples I received especially for the more expensive brands (like Shiseido).

Another thing I noticed is that I started having more “green” items, meaning more items that I get to use regularly. This might be due to several possible reasons: that BDJ is paying more attention to user profiles; that BDJ is including more relevant items; that I have become more open to different kinds of products; merchants are more willing to work with BDJ; and other such reasons. This can only be good, as it points to better and better boxes.

There is really no other conclusion here. BDJ Box is a great subscription box, and is growing more so. Even with the increase in subscription price (Php480 to Php580) I think it’s still worth keeping a subscription if you can afford it.

Disclaimer: All of the BDJ boxes mentioned above are paid by me. The analysis above is purely my own opinion.

Oooh, a back-to-back unboxing! Welcome to my unboxing of the July BDJ Box, the last box in my quarterly subscription. Wanna see what’s inside? Come take a look!

Warning: Photo-intensive post ahead. [You can click on each image to make it larger.]

First of all, the package came in an unusually large box. I wasn’t able to get a picture, but the usual BDJ Box was accompanied by a nondescript white soft cardboard box wrapped with brown paper. It was heavy! I’ll show you what’s inside that box later.

As usual, upon opening the BDJ box we are greeted by the welcome cards and the inspirational stickers. There didn’t seem to be an official theme name, but I gather from the welcome card that this box is for “me time”. It’s for self pampering, and the products are made to reflect this.


It was accompanied by a second welcome card which is exclusively from the brand Dove. I grew up with Dove and to me the name suggests gentle soaps that will not irritate skin. BDJ included a whole range of full-sized (!!!) Dove products with this month’s box for us bellas to try. This apparently is what is inside that white box.


The third welcome card is an announcement regarding the BDJbox website revamp. They will be opening their online store soon! I’m excited to see what they will be offering.


Here are the backs of these three cards (click to embiggen).

julybdj03 julybdj26 julybdj05

Let’s move on to the contents of the boxes! First let’s tackle the usual BDJ box. This is in the order listed in the first welcome card.

First up we have the largest item in the box: Beach Hut Sunblock. It’s in an aerolyzed form which means it’s a spray-on type of sunblock. It makes application very easy and fast, and it has pretty good spf (SPF75, PA++). No more excuse to skip the sunblock even in the rainy season, especially if you expect to be out in the sun for a significant part of the day. I like Beach Hut and I don’t mind receiving this one at all. It’s definitely full sized, and costs Php399.


The next three items are makeup! Woo hoo! This first item is Too Cool for School BB Cream. Have I already mentioned that I am addicted to BB creams? I am so happy to receive this, and from a brand I have never tried too! I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews of TCfS and I can’t wait to try this out. It is the travel-sized version (I can’t find how much product is in this tube) so it’s really cute and tiny. It comes sealed for your protection, and has a 12-month life upon opening. The full name of this item is actually TCfS After School BB Foundation Lunch Box with SPF37/PA++. A BB cream-foundation hybrid? Very intriguing! This costs Php219.

julybdj13 julybdj14 julybdj15

Next we have Enchanted Eyeshadow in After Midnight Smokey Eyes. It’s a 3-color eyeshadow palette which comes in a black plastic case with a nice big mirror and a two-ended sponge-tip wand. It promises to be long wearing. My palette comes in baby blue, light gray, and dark gray. Now that I have discovered a use for the darkest shadows (as eyeliner!), I am quite happy to receive this palette. I am an eyeshadow enthusiast and I never pass up the opportunity to learn more. This is also a brand I’ve never tried nor heard before. This palette costs Php179.

julybdj16 julybdj17 julybdj18 julybdj19 julybdj20

Lastly for the makeup items is Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in 075 Lollipop. This is my second Revlon lippie. This looks like it’s going to be a nice bright pink, and as it is lip butter I assume it will be quite moisturizing. This costs Php525.

julybdj09 julybdj10 julybdj11 julybdj12

Next we have a foot-pampering item, the Foot Appeal Mask. It is what they call peeling socks, which I assume will exfoliate the feet and reveal soft new skin. I haven’t tried anything like this before, so this is bound to be an interesting experience. This pack costs Php279.

julybdj21 julybdj22

Lastly we have a Sure Slim Voucher. Forgive me if I don’t sound excited about this, because I’m not. This is the third voucher I received for the same service and I still don’t intend to use it. What is weird in this iteration is that it’s included as an actual item according to the welcome card, and is assigned a value of Php1500 (since it’s Php1500 off for the weightloss program).


Before I move on to my impressions of this box and the value review, let me present to you the contents of the Dove box. It contains eight full sized items: (2x) Damage Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo (180ml, Php106 each), (2x) Damage Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner (180ml, Php108 each), Damage Therapy Intense Repair Treatment Mask (200ml, Php235), White Beauty Bar Moisturizing Milk (135g, Php52.50), Whitening Original Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-on (40ml, Php83.50), and Whitening Original Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Aerosol (169ml, Php170). Quite a huge haul! As I have received the L’Oreal set last month, I will probably not need hair care for the rest of the year.

julybdj24 julybdj25

My impressions of the July BDJBox: What I like about this box is the amount of makeup products. I love receiving new items to try, and I like the fact that two of the three are brands I haven’t tried before. I also don’t mind receiving the Dove pack, since I like the brand. The only thing I have against it is that it’s a household name and is pretty much known everywhere. It’s just fortunate that I’ve never tried the hair care line so this is a good opportunity to do so.

Value review: The total value of this month’s box is Php2570, including the Dove pack but excluding the voucher. (I refuse to include voucher values!) This is over four times the value of the subscription cost of Php580! The Dove pack alone is worth Php969 already. Subscription is still quite worth it!

Did you get a July box? What are your thoughts about it?

One of my favorite items from the June BDJ Box is the Avon Vitaluscious Lipstick in 400 Reviving Red. It’s my first red lipstick. While I’m not a big fan of red lippies, it’s always a good idea to have one in my stash for formal events. According to the BDJ welcome card, this costs Php299.

junebdj10The bullet is black plastic, with silver “Avon” band in the middle and silver “Vitaluscious” printed on the side. It’s very classy, but not really a stand out. The shade name can be found at the bottom.

junebdj11It’s a very deep red, even looking at just the bullet. There is also “AVON” stamped on the lipstick itself.

junebdj12When swatched on my arm you can see how red it really is. The swatch on the left is one layer, while the one on the right is two layers.

avonvita2Here is how it looks on my lips. This is one layer.

avonvita1Unfortunately it is a little drying, even if using a lip balm underneath. It also doesn’t survive eating and drinking, so touchups are needed. I wasn’t able to test how long lasting it is, since I ate two hours after I applied this on. Another thing is that Avon is only available through avon ladies or their dealer stores. I’ve had luck buying through the dealer store at Commonwealth, but it was very awkward. I’ve never been able to get connected to any avon ladies. So outside of subscription boxes, it seems pretty difficult to get Avon products.

Pros: reasonably priced; great shade of red

Cons: drying; limited availability

Did you get one in your June BDJ Box? What shade? Tell me about your experience!

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