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After a very long while I finally was able to do nail art again! Here my inspiration is Erikajjang’s tutorial for sakura nail art. I wanted to do a similar art with some deviations. Here are the products I used.

springnails1 springnails2

I of course will have the Dazzle Dry Base and Top Coats. For my sky-color, I used Dazzle Dry Sno Cone. The branches are painted with OMG Sunny Tan, and the blossoms are painted with Dazzle Dry Strawberry Macaron and OMG Gold Digger. Here is the resulting nail art.


As you can see, I only did the sakura patterns on the middle fingers. On the outer three I painted birds also using Sunny Tan. The lines are still a bit thick, even using my thinnest dotting tool, so I may have to use a toothpick next time.


One of my new lipsticks I acquired recently is Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick in the shade Queen Bee. This is one of four lipsticks I own from that line (the other three being Naked Peach, Bellissima, and Headturner, swatched here). The lipstick came in a slender box, with the shade name printed on the side. Ingredients and other information are on the other sides of the box.


This is Headturner’s box actually. Queen Bee’s box is the same except the shade name.

colourclippies01 colourclippies03

The lipstick tube itself is a sleek black plastic tube with a transparent viewing window in the middle. The brand name is printed in classy gold on the side. The shade name and product line is at the bottom. It also shows that this tube contains only 2.4 grams of product, which is much less than your standard lipstick tubes of 4 grams.

queenbee01 queenbee02

Even so, there’s quite a lot of product in there!


Another thing that I liked about the tube is that the product clicks on a locked position when withdrawing the product into the tube. No mess in your bag here!


Here is the arm swatch I have of all four of my Ultimate Wear Lipsticks. Queen Bee is on the far right.


As you can see, Queen Bee is a pretty bright red even from just the arm swatch. It translates to just as bright a red on the lips, which goes on glossy at first, and fades eventually into matte. You can also hurry up the transformation into matte by blotting. Here are a couple of lip swatches.


And here are some looks I made using Queen Bee.

queenbee05 queenbee06 queenbee08 queenbee09 queenbee10

I even tested the longevity and here it is after a few hours (maybe 4?) and a meal. Most of it has melted off, but it leaves a lovely stain that’s pretty even and doesn’t look patchy.


I really like how bold and bright this shade is. It lets me be quite the Queen Bee when I have it on, and gives me confidence to face any challenges at work and outside it. It suits my personality quite well, but at the same time pushes me to break my personal boundaries.

Ultimate Wear Lipsticks costs Php350 each. Colour Collection cosmetics can be bought from direct sellers. Some samples are available at Sampleroom. I have no information on Colour Collection’s animal testing policies.

Pros: beautiful deep red shade; affordable

Cons: available only from direct sellers; transfers

This week I’ll show you the swatch for OMG Sunny Tan. This shade is quite simply a taupe, leaning towards chocolate brown. It is a very nice neutral shade, and quite office-appropriate.

febhaul09 febhaul10

Here it is, indoors.


And here it is, outdoors. The chocolate browniness of it is more apparent here.


OMG nail polishes costs Php19.75 each, and is available in Landmark branches. I have no information on OMG’s animal testing policies.

I’m very happy to finally be able to do a proper swatch post for my Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipsticks. I currently have four: Naked Peach, Bellissima, Headturner, and Queen Bee. Naked Peach and Queen Bee were ordered from Sampleroom directly, while I won Bellissima and Headturner from Maica of Pinay Beauty in a Budget (thanks again Maica!). Before I move on to the swatches, let me just show you how the box of Headturner looks like. All the boxes look like this, differing only in the shade name.

colourclippies01 colourclippies02 colourclippies03

Here are all four unboxed and side by side.

colourclippies04 colourclippies05

Naked Peach (my oldest) is a very light soft peach. Bellissima is a dark rose shade. Headturner is bright candy pink. Queen Bee is a dark red.


Here are the swatches on my arm. As you can see, Naked Peach is pretty sheer and is probably an MLBB shade on many people. Bellissima appears to lean on the peach side on my arm as well but it has more pigmentation to it. Headturner, as expected, is quite a bright pink shade, while Queen Bee is the dark red that is very pigmented. All four of them appear glossy here.

colourclippies07 colourclippies08

Here are the swatches on my lips. First let me show you my (quite dry) bare lips. No balm was applied before the swatches.


First up is Naked Peach. On the lips it applied quite patchily. I expect this might have something to do with both the sheerness of the lipstick as well as the dryness of my lips.


Next we have Bellissima, my second favorite of the four. It appears quite a juicy red on my lips and is such a fun shade of red. It is quite pigmented, and fortunately it didn’t apply quite as patchily as Naked Peach. This is a great everyday red shade.


Headturner here looks less of a loud pink than the arm swatch seemed to indicate. This is much more wearable even for the office. The patchiness is a little bit more apparent here, but I expect that a moisturized lip might solve this issue.


Finally we have Queen Bee. This is my favorite among the bunch! It is a bright red that really turns heads (like the Queen Bee it’s emulating), and it turns relatively matte too!


Here are all four lip swatches again.


There you have it! You can get these lipsticks from Sampleroom (except for Naked Peach), or from a Tupperware Brands dealer in your area. It costs Php350.

Last week I attended my very first calligraphy workshop, which was held at the Ellana Minerals showroom at La Fuerza II. I knew I was going to be buying my first Ellana products then. Eula made an Ellana Week series at her blog to showcase a few chosen products from Ellana, which influenced me greatly which pieces I ended up buying. Let me show you my haul!


As you can see, I got almost everything on Eula’s list. First up is the one in the bottle.

ellanahaul01 ellanahaul02 ellanahaul03

This is Ellana’s Let’s Make It Last Makeup Primer. It is housed in a pretty hefty glass bottle and contains 30 grams of liquid primer. The product itself is a very thick gel, thicker than the other face primers I’ve tried. It comes with a pump with a notched cap (we’ve seen this before with the Bare Naturals Primer) which is a little unfortunate as it falls off pretty easily. I really like the ingredient list, as this primer has some skincare in it as well. This one costs Php450.

ellanahaul04 ellanahaul05 ellanahaul06

Next one is Ellana’s Loose Mineral Powder Foundation (I’m not quite sure if this is the Perfect Blend or the Intensive Blend). I chose the shade Caramel Latte, supposedly made for Medium Warm Tone. It comes in this sturdy thick plastic tub with an included one-hole sifter. I haven’t used powder foundation in a long time, and this is my first time to use loose powder foundation. Thankfully, there are lots of tutorials online on how to use these things (I like Tellie’s). This one is for medium to heavy coverage, which is a far cry from my usual everyday staples of BB cream which gives only light coverage. I’m excited to see how it turns out! This one is Php460 for 6 grams of product.

ellanahaul07 ellanahaul08 ellanahaul09 ellanahaul10 ellanahaul11

Finally we have two of the three eyeshadow quads Ellana offers. I took the two neutral palettes. The first one (left) is the Mesmer-Eyes Eyeshadow Quad containing the shades Charisma, Brilliance, Wish, and Sensational. The second one (right) is the Eyebrow/Eyeshadow Quad containing the shades Beloved, Intense, Wish, and Hush. This second one is the same one that Eula featured on her blog. I couldn’t decide on which one to get, so I just got both! These are Php350 each for 4 grams of product.

ellanahaul13 ellanahaul14

Because I spent over Php500, I got a cosmetics bag for free! I chose this nice chunky gray bag, which even has slots for brushes on the lid. It is probably the roomiest makeup bag I have!


I had an initial try of the products, inexpertly applied with travel brushes. I’m going to upload a better FOTD once I get the chance to play with this with my full sized brushes. I love my haul so far, and I am already feeling the twinges of wanting to try their other products! Oh and did I mention that Ellana is locally-made and cruelty-free?

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, I have new shades of OMG nail polish. One of them is Gossip, a shade of green that falls somewhere between mint green and light olive.

febhaul09 febhaul10

Indoors Gossip looks closer to olive.


Outdoors the mintiness appears!

gossip2 gossip3

Loving this bright color on my nails! It should go really well with some pastel colored clothes.

OMG nail polishes costs Php19.75 and is available at Landmark department stores. I don’t have information on OMG or Klik’s animal testing policies.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had terrible grades in the penmanship/writing subjects as far back as I can remember. Because of that, I’ve set out to improve myself in that area, which resulted in an interest in calligraphy. I’ve never had any formal training in it; I’ve just had a book on introductory calligraphy forms back when I was a teen (the book is lost now, boo!).

Fast forward to today. Eula of eulasleeps opened a workshop just for calligraphy, and of course I couldn’t let that pass! (Bonus: I get to meet anther of my blog heroes, yay!) It was held yesterday at the Ellana Minerals Showroom at La Fuerza Bldg Makati. It was a pretty intimate event, with only five participants.


Eula gave us an introduction to calligraphy and an overview of what our individual calligraphy kit contents are for. We were given two nibs each (an italic nib for italic forms and a flexible nib for script), a nib holder, a mechanical pencil, a cute notebook with guide marks, a bit of ink, some worksheets and guide for basic forms, some different types of paper, and a primer written by Eula herself. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the kit, but check out this spread on the workshop table!


After showing us how to prepare the nibs, we went directly into practicing! We tried first the italic nib (Speedball C2) for the italic forms, on parchment paper at that! I never felt so fancy. I thought my practice sheet didn’t turn out so bad.


We also practiced with the flexible nib (Esterbrook 356). I thought it was quite a lot harder to use than the italic nib, mostly because I am quite heavy-handed and the Esterbrook required a light hand. Unlike the italic nib, this one didn’t have its own ink reservoir, so one has to dip for ink quite frequently. My practice sheet clearly says I need more practice!


I of course couldn’t resist writing my own name.


The last part of the workshop was dedicated to making our own postcards using any of the materials provided, including the other types of ink (even watercolor!), nibs, and washi tape. I wanted to showcase the range of inks available so I used almost all of them! I really still suck when it comes to using the flex nib though.


Eula also kindly provided us with a snack. These are honestly the best tasting red velvet cupcakes I have ever tasted!


Check out the other photos from the event below.

nifty02Eula, our workshop instructor. I really love the curls in her hair!

nifty03The nibs included in the calligraphy kit.

nifty05Parts of a flexible nib.

nifty11My favorite ink of the day. Beautiful purple shade!

nifty12With my workshop coparticipants! (L-R) PatG, Jezza, Krissy, Meg, Eula, me

Big big thanks to Eula for offering this workshop! I had tons of fun and I learned a lot!

PS: Did I mention that this was held at the Ellana Minerals Showroom? Yup, you guessed it! I bought quite a bit of stuff from Ellana after the event, which I’ll show in another post.

Today I was feeling the pink, so I decided to unearth my pink eyeshadows and lipstick to feature this color.


Here I used the bottom middle of my L.A. Colors eyeshadow palette as the lid wash, and the #2 shade from my Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Pop for the outer corner and crease.


For contrast I used the #4 from Purple Pop as eyeliner. I used Benefit They’re Real Mascara for my lashes.


To top it all off I used Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Lollipop for my lips.


Products used:


Barenaturals Face Primer
Holika Holika Face 2 Change CC Cream
Avon Ideal Luminous Blush in Peach
Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire (shade unknown)

In2It Eyebrow Powder in Eyebrowns
Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base
Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad
LA Colors eyeshadow palette
Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Lollipop

Whoa this is pretty late already, but I figured I might as well still post a review. I got this Pixi Glow Magic Tink Tint in Happy Thoughts Pink from the April Glamourbox (2013).


It is a twist-up chubby pencil type of lip gloss with a clear plastic cap, and the shade I received is Happy Thoughts Pink. As you can see below, it has 3 grams of product.


It is also trademarked by Disney for using the Tinkerbell branding. See if you can spot Tinkerbell in the photo below.


I’ve been using this for quite some time, which can be evidenced by the pretty beat up state of my tube. I have some pink stains on the tip of the tube and where the cap ends. The cap itself is cracked in several places, which I fixed with the help of several wraps of scotch tape. I think I shoved the tube into its cap way too vigorously, hence the cracks.

It applies on clear on the lips, but deepens into a nice pinkish glow after a few minutes.


Bare lips


With one layer of Magic Tink Tint

After a few hours, it settles into a nice glossy pinkish red. I love how it doesn’t feel sticky on the lips, and it actually has a faint sweet taste and scent. It keeps my lips moisturized. This can last for a few hours, but will not survive eating and drinking.

pixipink3 pixipink5

Tinted Brilliance Balms like this are Php790 at the Glamourbox Boutique. They have several shades available, and are bringing in more!

Pros: beautiful shade; nonsticky; moisturizing; convenient twist-up pencil

Cons: slightly expensive

Pixi cosmetics can be bought from the Glamourbox Boutique and certain Snoe Beauty stores. Pixi is cruelty-free.

One of the recent releases by Sampleroom is a line of skincare samples from H2O+, a brand that focuses on marine materials as main ingredients in their line. This particular product, the Night Oasis Oxygenating Rejuvenator, is a night cream-gel dedicated to recharge dull skin and smoothens the appearance of fine lines. I was already sold on the idea of an overnight repair cream, as I really enjoyed my experience with the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. I was expecting this to be a similar product, so I immediately got myself this sample. I posted about this previously in a haul.


The sample comes in a nice little blue tube with the H2O+ branding, with a gray cap. It seems a little heftier than usual sample tubes, so kudos to H2O+ for that! At the back you’ll see directions and other information about the company, but no ingredient list.


The product itself comes in a nice half-gel half-cream state. Not at all runny, but is translucent like a gel.


I’d need about five of this size blob to apply all over my face. It feels really nice when applied on, cool and refreshing. My face feels really moisturized by morning. On the first night that I applied it on, my face felt tight but cold. On the succeeding nights my skin has adjusted and did not have any bad reactions even after about a week of use. More importantly, I didn’t break out! I couldn’t yet comment on the fine lines aspect but I can see myself using this regularly during my night routine.


My 8ml sample costs 140 points at Sampleroom, and the full 50ml tube costs Php2660. This translates to the sample being at around Php425. H2O+ is cruelty-free.

Pros: feels great on application (cool and refreshing); available in most department stores; a little goes a long way; cruelty-free

Cons: a little expensive; full sized-product comes in a tub

Visit H2O+ at their social media accounts:

H2O+ Philippines
Instagram: @h2oplusph
Twitter: @h2oplusph

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