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BDJ Box 6-month Round Up

Posted on: July 27, 2013

With the release of the July BDJ Box, I now have a total of six (regular) boxes from them. I feel that it is time to do a round up of the boxes I received. The boxes included in this Round Up are the following: November 2012, December-January 2013, February 2013, May 2013, June 2013, and July 2013. I paid the old price of Php480 for these boxes.

As you well know, I love looking at numbers and trends. For the round up I decided to create a table to make it easier to visualize. I listed the products I received in each box. The ones colored green are the products that I use frequently until present; the ones colored blue are the products I use occasionally; the purple ones are the ones I used once or twice; the black ones are the ones I haven’t used; the orange ones are the ones I tried and finished (but haven’t continued using or rebought); and finally the red ones are the ones I gave away. There are also gray shaded items, which denote the sample sized products (non shaded ones are full sized). [Note: You can click on these photos for a bigger size.]

bdjroundup1 bdjroundup2 bdjroundup3

Here is a summary of the numbers for each category.


The very first thing I noticed here is the really great trend with sample sized products vs full sized products. Check out this chart.


You can see that as the months roll along the number of sample sized products decreased while the number of full sized products increased. It culminated in a mindblowing July box that is 100% full sized. This is greatly appreciated! It is quite a good feeling to receive full sized products in my boxes, but I do also appreciate the samples I received especially for the more expensive brands (like Shiseido).

Another thing I noticed is that I started having more “green” items, meaning more items that I get to use regularly. This might be due to several possible reasons: that BDJ is paying more attention to user profiles; that BDJ is including more relevant items; that I have become more open to different kinds of products; merchants are more willing to work with BDJ; and other such reasons. This can only be good, as it points to better and better boxes.

There is really no other conclusion here. BDJ Box is a great subscription box, and is growing more so. Even with the increase in subscription price (Php480 to Php580) I think it’s still worth keeping a subscription if you can afford it.

Disclaimer: All of the BDJ boxes mentioned above are paid by me. The analysis above is purely my own opinion.

4 Responses to "BDJ Box 6-month Round Up"

ang tyaga mo naman gumawa nito, ang galing..i like what you did here! 🙂 mas madali ko ma-analyze ang contents adntrends ng beauty boxes nila.. (ina-analyze talaga?lol)

Thanks sis! Medyo passion ko talaga yung mga analysis na ganito, so kahit sa beauty products inapply ko haha! 😀

Wow! That’s some effort you put into this post, sis! Good job! I really wanted the May box but I totally missed it 😦

Thanks sis! I really enjoy doing this kind of analysis. I agree about the May box being really fantastic, too bad you missed it. 😦

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