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The Sunday Currently #3

Posted on: November 23, 2014

How has your week been? Mine has been pretty okay, and the highlight of the week was the quarterly parent-teacher conference and a trip to the vet with two cats. Both have been quite productive and enlightening.


Would you believe I’m not reading anything at the moment? Que horror! I do have a long reading list, and I should get on with it. Oooh, does reading comics count? My husband has me reading this comic called Journey Into Mystery, the premise of which is that after Loki tore the worlds apart and also saved it, he died and got reincarnated into a young boy, and the comic is basically what happens to him as a young Loki. Very interesting stuff, and I’m only at the beginning!

Image credits: Marvel Wikia

Image credits: Marvel Wikia


I bought myself a new planner, and I’m looking forward to using all those delicious pages to write. At this point I’ll be happy to be writing anything, just to get those muscles warmed up again.


Nothing interesting here, unfortunately. What should I be doing with categories that has nothing interesting?


My daughter and I are rewatching the anime Hataraku Maou-sama!, the premise of which is basically the devil (Maou) being transported into our modern world with his lieutenant, losing most of their powers, and being forced to work (hataraku) in a fast food restaurant to stay alive. I really enjoy the story and humor and premise, and there is an underlying idea of having to grow up to progress.

Image credit: Zerochan

Image credit: Zerochan


I did end up getting Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, and that’s mostly what I’ve been playing recently. It’s vastly superior to the prior version, and the quest mechanism is really fun.


Planner hacks is what I’m interested in lately. I like looking at people’s take on their ideal planners, and I like the crafty side of it. I bought myself some stickers and stuff for my new planner, and I can’t wait to get started!


Another good rediscovery is Sushi-ya, a great affordable Japanese restaurant. We ate at the Robinsons Galleria branch. We always get the bento set for two, with tori teriyaki for the main dish. It’s quite filling and there’s a good variety of dishes included in the set.


This week my husband cooked his classic fried chicken drumsticks, again using Crispy Fry for the breading. Apparently my daughter really likes it enough that she ate three!


I found myself in need of new slacks to wear to the office, so I trooped over to SM to get a couple. My non-negotiable criteria for slacks are: must have functional pockets (none of those tiny-ass ones, or heaven forbid, the fake pockets); must be straight or flared (ie not tapered); must not be scratchy. Luckily there’s this brand that had styles that fit me, and I got a bonus bag because I hit their minimum amount. Not bad!


I’m trying to distract myself from thinking of this, but I am so far failing. Where do I want this blog to go? Right now it is definitely a hobby, and I have learned so much and gained so much from this hobby. But as with all hobbies, there are costs both monetary and timewise. It is a little hard to balance all things in life, and usually one of the first things to go would be hobbies. Quite honestly I don’t want this hobby to end as this is my main creative outlet at the moment. In point of fact, I keep thinking of how to make this blog to become better. Decisions, decisions..


More kitties! Haha, joking. … or am I? My vet threatened that it won’t stop with just one and she was right. I can’t believe I now have two cats (and a dog), and I find myself considering more. I know there will be limits to how much my house can accommodate cats and I think it is near that limit. However I am not closing myself to the idea of rescuing more kittens in need.


Anticipatory. There are a lot of things happening in December, work-wise and personal. I am mostly excited, and am looking forward to these things.

How did you do this week?

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