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Welcome to yet another new category! I’m dubbing these the Saturday Shorts series, and it will feature short reviews of at most three products. I will aim to publish a Saturday Shorts post every week. In this volume we will tackle hair and body products.

1. Nanny Rose Gugo & Lawat Anti-Hairfall Shampoo


I got this from my SM Beauty Box, and is actually one of the reasons I bought it. I do have a pretty big hairfall issue, and unfortunately the L’Oreal Paris Anti-Hairfall line wasn’t able to address it. In every bath I usually get about ten or so strands of hairfall, and about five or so when I comb my hair afterwards. After using this Nanny Rose product, my bath hairfall is reduced to about two to three strands, and the after-bath combing hairfall down to one to two strands. It is amazing! I never thought I’d see the end of my hairfall issue. I only use this shampoo at most twice a week. The bottle is kind of a stiff plastic which makes it hard to dispense the shampoo, and is really the only drawback to this amazing product. I will definitely rebuy this!

2. Hollywood Style Light Summer Lotion


I got this bottle of lotion in my April Glamourbox, and have been using it ever since. The bottle contains so much product that I haven’t ran out of it yet until now, with everyday use! I like how smooth it makes my skin feels after application, and I also have grown very fond of the scent. It makes me feel super refreshed, especially on a hot and humid day. It is great for sensitive skin too, as it hasn’t made my skin react even once. I’m very impressed by this, and will become my staple summer lotion. I also want to try the other variant, the Collagen Firming one. This is available in the Glamourbox Boutique as well as in Landmark Trinoma.

3. Human Heart Nature Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash in Tangerine Tarsier


This is my daughter’s current shampoo. She has unfortunately outgrown the much-vaunted Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and it no longer does anything for her hair. She has a big tangle issue and the baby shampoo doesn’t address it at all. HHN’s Kids Shampoo makes her hair softer and much easier to comb out. It even doubles as body wash (she prefers not to). It has a delicious tangerine scent that really makes me want to use it too! I got the giant bottle (500ml) which costs Php289.75. The only drawback to this is that the bottle is too heavy for her to lift by herself. I will probably buy a smaller bottle next time, and just buy the big bottle to refill the smaller bottle.


In one of my recent hauls, I got myself a pampering item: Human Heart Nature Body Butter Cream in Berry Bliss. I tried this before in the 50g size tube, and I loved it! So I went ahead and purchased the full 200g tube, which costs Php274.75.


This body butter cream is basically a lotion on steroids. It has a very thick formulation, and may be a bit difficult to apply because of that. HHN Body Butter Cream comes in two variants: this one is the Berry Bliss, and they also released a newer variant called Mango Passion. Both have all-natural ingredients and oils that will deeply moisturize thirsty dry skin. Check out the back of the tube.


As I mentioned before, this is a very thick cream. Here’s how a small squeeze of product looks like on my finger.


As you can see it’s not at all runny. When spread on the back of my hand it looks like this.


That small squeeze is actually enough for a whole arm. As the cream is really thick, you would really need to work a bit to spread it over the limb. It gets absorbed pretty quickly into the skin, and you will immediately feel fresh and moisturized. The formulation is quite gentle as well (being all-natural), and did not make my sensitive skin react at all. The Berry Bliss scent is really delicious as well, and is really one of the main reasons I like this lotion. I treat myself to this about once or twice a week.

HHN Body Butter Cream is available in HHN outlets (check their website for locations) and resellers. I bought mine at the main branch along Commonwealth, but I’ve also seen this at Landmark Trinoma and Shopwise.

Pros: delicious scent; very moisturizing; decadent

Cons: hard to apply; limited availability

Check out HHN’s page for this product here.

I got a printed mention in the Human Heart Nature May-June Magalogue! Check it out!

hhnfeata hhnfeatb

Thank you Human Heart Nature!

Thank you to Aya of CodenameAya for the heads up!

It may be a little early since it’s just the first-ish week of June, but this post serves a reminder for me to stop buying things. You’ll see that I’ve bought a ton of stuff, and I need to consider the wisdom of splurging like this (I’m supposed to be frugal!). I do want to show you the things I bought as a preview of the reviews I’ll be posting soon, and to tell you where to get these things and for how much.

First up is L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3x trio of products. I got the big versions of the shampoo (Php110) and conditioner (Php119) from Watsons, and I also got the leave-in tonic (Php259) from SM Department Store (Makati). I bought these to finally address my ongoing hairfall issue. I’ll report back in about a month or so to tell you if these things worked for me.

mayjunehaul01 mayjunehaul04 mayjunehaul05 mayjunehaul06

I finally caved in and bought this Celeteque Brightening Multi-benefit BB Cream (Php325, Watsons). I couldn’t stand just reading about it on the internet, so I went ahead and tried this for myself. After a few days of use, I can say as a short review that this is a great everyday BB cream that’s very reasonably priced.

mayjunehaul02 mayjunehaul03

Hooray! I finally found time to drop by SM Makati, and went straight to the Essence booth in the department store. I bought a couple of items: Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base (Php189) and Essence Kajal Pencil in Everybody’s Darling (Php79). I’ve only so far been able to try the Kajal Pencil. I love the color payoff and the fact that it’s pretty long lasting, however the product is very soft and needs a very light touch to apply. I’ll definitely post a review of both of these soon.

mayjunehaul07 mayjunehaul08 mayjunehaul09 mayjunehaul10

I also got a couple of nail polish removers from SM Department Store as well. I am planning a comparison post of nail polish removers, and I wanted a good range of brands. These two are the Cutex Caring Nail Polish Remover (Php59, 59ml) and Flormar Nail Polish Remover in Orchid Complex (Php149, 125ml).

mayjunehaul11 mayjunehaul12

I’ve already shown these in my previous post, but I got my first nail art tool. It’s the BK Nail System Dotting Tool (Php69, Landmark Trinoma). It has two heads: a standard straight dotting head and a bent-tip dotting head. I love this tool and I think I can probably not buy further dotting tools.

mayjunehaul13 mayjunehaul14 mayjunehaul15

I paid a visit to the Commonwealth branch of Human Heart Nature and got this Body Butter Cream in Berry Bliss (Php279). I love this body butter so much as it feels very decadent and smells so wonderful! I pamper with this about once a week after a good long bath. I also bought the May-June magalogue. I got a tip from Aya of CodenameAya that my blog was mentioned there. And it is! I’m still pretty much in shock. I’ll post pictures of that soon.


This next one is a confession. I went ahead and purchased more stuff from Dazzle Dry since they extended the sale until June 15! I got four (yes four!) more lacquers (Php399 each) and a bottle of nail polish remover (Php325, 240ml). The four shades are (L-R) Strawberry Macaron, Heart of Fire, Love’s Secret, and Electrifying. The polish remover is called Dazzle Dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover, which I intend to include in that future comparison post.

mayjunehaul19 mayjunehaul20 mayjunehaul17 mayjunehaul18


And there you have it! I think I may have a couple of other things I purchased but I don’t remember right now. I’ll update this post when I found those other things, or just consolidate them in another haul post. I don’t really intend to get any more stuff except for more brands of nail polish remover.

Let me know in the comments below which of these you want reviewed first!

Let me confess something here: these bottles are actually empties! I’ve gone through these whole bottles of Human Heart Nature Nourishing Facial Wash and Nourishing Face Toner, and I think that should be enough times of use to make a proper review.


Let’s start with the Nourishing Facial Wash. It contains tomato extract which is a pretty powerful antioxidant. I should mention that this line of HHN products caters specifically to Normal or Sensitive Skin. This facial wash is very gentle to the skin, but cleanses really well. It has a nice fruity scent. It doesn’t really lather up well, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it doesn’t work. It very well does, even if sometimes I forget to use a makeup remover (of course, not for the waterproof products). This product costs Php79.75 for the 50ml bottle, and Php199.75 for the 200ml bottle (pictured).


Unfortunately, I don’t have a similar glowing review for the Nourishing Face Toner, even if they do contain the same tomato extract antioxidant. There must be something in the formulation, but I did experience some stinging when I use this toner. It’s not as painful as some of the other toners I’ve tried, but there is still some stinging. I suspect I am allergic to one of its ingredients. This product costs Php99.75 for the 100ml bottle (pictured) and Php184.75 for the 200ml bottle.


Will I rebuy these? The facial wash definitely, as it works well for me and it’s not that expensive. I like the smell of it too.

Pros: reasonably priced; product works as advertised (facial wash); available in most supermarkets and online; locally made; environment friendly

Cons: stinging sensation (toner)

Check out Human Heart Nature’s online store here.

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