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After a long long time, a nail post! I’ve definitely missed polishing my nails, and I’ve got Caronia Philippines to thank for inspiring me to start again! They sent me their newly released collection, Blue Moon, in this nice little press kit.


Held in this cute reusable bag, the kit contained the three new shades of the Blue Moon collection, as well as a lovely blue scarf that I’ve taken to wearing in the office.



This collection is a collaboration with Ballet Philippines. These colors aim to liven up your nails and keep you prepared for those unexpected and thrilling moments that happen once in a blue moon.


Read on for the swatches!

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I received a happy surprise from Caronia last week, and I showed you what was inside: Caronia’s new summer collection Expressions. Today I want to show you the swatches of the three polishes in this collection.

First is Fresh Mint. As I mentioned, it’s something between olive green and mint green, and it does show when swatched. I used two coats.


Next is Blue Chill, the frosted blue. I used three coats. As you can see, it’s a bit streaky here. However! I discovered that it becomes less streaky if you did not put any top coat on it.

Caroniaexp5 Caroniaexp2

First pic – no top coat. Second pic – with top coat

Finally we have Rosy Glow. It’s a baby pink polish, with a pretty think and chunky formula. I used two coats.


Here’s the completed swatches, which turned into a nice mani for the weekend.


My right hand, with the bare Blue Chill.


What do you think of this collection?

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I came home to a happy surprise yesterday. This was waiting for me:


It’s a pretty hefty box from Caronia! It features their new summer appropriate nail lacquer set, and they included some very welcome additions.


The top row is a set of Caronia nail care products: Cuticle Sanitizer, Cuticle Remover, and Nail Polish Remover. The bottom row is the Expressions set (more on that below). And on the side, a sweet and summery bag charm!


For the actual featured product, we have a set of three summer colors: Blue Chill (a frosted bright blue), Rosy Glow (a baby pink regular polish), and Fresh Mint (a cross between mint green and olive green, regular polish).

I love all these colors! They are fun, bright, and very summer appropriate. I can’t wait to try them out. Watch out for a swatch post, and possibly an attempt for nail art using these lacquers.

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I’m finally back with a nail post! It’s been a while since I played with my nails and I decided to expand my horizons a little bit. At the same time, I get to swatch two of my newest polishes. I decided to try doing different finishes (glossy and matte) and at the same time do an accent nail. This will be the first time I tried both techniques.

The two new polishes I tried here are Caronia Carolina Peach and Color Trends Sherbet Mango Yellow. The yellow goes on my accent nail, and the peach (which is actually reddish) for the rest of my nails. I decided to use the matte finish for the accent nail, and glossy for the rest. I of course used OMG Matte Potion for the matte finish, Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat for the glossy, and Caronia Nail Hardener for the base.


I apologize for the diffused light. I took these pictures in the early morning, and for some reason they came out like these.


I even took a picture closer to the window, and it still came out washed.


I do like how it came out though. It’s a very simple nail art that anyone can do, and it doesn’t require any additional tools apart from the polish bottles and their brushes.

What do I think of my new polishes? The Sherbet Mango Yellow is a nice summer color, but one has to be very careful in the application, as it can make unsightly streaks if applied incorrectly. My right accent nail is unevenly done and I can see the layers. The Carolina Peach is really incorrectly named, as it’s most definitely red. A dark red, in fact, which is very far away from being peach. It is on the borderline of my tolerance for dark polishes, but for now it’ll remain in my stash.

I continue to be surprised at my nail polish finds. Just when I thought I found the cheapest nail polish brands in Sassy and Colour Trends, I found yet a third brand that sells polishes under Php20: OMG (Oh My Golly) brand of polish by Klik. I found this brand in Landmark Department Store (they also carry more shades of Colour Trends).

And what’s this? I also found, in addition to delicious shades of polish, an unassuming bottle of OMG Matte Potion. I have always wanted to try matte polishes, and I have listed Essie’s Matte About You top coat in my wish list. The prohibitive cost and limited availability is what’s stopping me from buying that. I wouldn’t scoff at OMG though, and without hesitation I grabbed this precious bottle.


That rubber band is to help me unscrew the cap. Tip of the day!

To begin my adventures in matte, I paired it with this delicious OMG shade: Mojito. It’s kind of a bluish emerald, or perhaps a sea green. Of course I always preface any nail attempt with my trusty Caronia base coat.

Before I show you the swatches, I would like to apologize in advance that I was not able to take a shot of OMG Mojito alone. I was so excited to see how the Matte Potion turned out that I didn’t stop to think that I needed to take pictures of Mojito. It’s a lovely wearable shade though, so definitely I will be using it again in the future and will be able to take pictures. Without further ado, the swatches!


It’s wonderful! The shade turned into a wonderful matte green without lessening the brightness. My nails have gotten a lot of compliments! It’s definitely a keeper, especially since both the Mojito and the Matte Potion are under Php20 each.

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One of the most needed tools of someone who uses nail polish is a good and reliable neutral shade – something that’s not loud, something that’s office-appropriate, and something that works. As I am just starting out in the lacquer world, I tried out two inexpensive brands for my neutral candidates.

First up: Caronia’s Touch of Tan. I found this in Shopwise for Php47.


Caronia is a pretty solid polish brand, and I have no doubts that this will perform well. The brush and formula are both good and serviceable. Let’s move on to the swatch.




It’s not a bad shade, and it seems to match my skin tone well. Topped with Caronia’s Top Coat, it was initially glossy but after it dried it turned semi-matte for some reason. I have no problems with that, except I would prefer either a full matte or a full glossy.

The second brand I tried is a rather unknown brand, Colour Trends. I found this also in Shopwise, for an almost unbelievable price of just Php20! It’s not as small as the other Php20 brand I previously featured (Sassy) and I deemed it cheap enough to buy three or four bottles of it (different shades). Unfortunately the brand seems to have only numbers to denote their shades. The one I used for this neutral test is 117.


I love the formula of the 117 Colour Trends! It comes on creamy and glides on smoothly. The brush wasn’t remarkable. Here is the swatch:



Compared to Touch of Tan, 117 is a bit less brown and more yellowish. Topped with the same top coat, it came out glossy. I like this shade more than Touch of Tan, mostly because it stands out a bit more out of my fingers. The fact that it’s fully glossy also adds to this preference. The price is the cream on top. I intend to find more bottles of this!

To conclude this post, I think I found two serviceable neutrals. I do like 117 better, but Touch of Tan still has a place in my collection.

It’s said that Emerald Green is the Pantone color of 2013. I thought that putting it on my nails is a great way to celebrate it. I found this new brand of polish in Watsons for only Php20, by far the cheapest polish I’ve seen. Let’s see if it’s any good.


It didn’t exactly have a color name, so I’ll just say it’s emerald green. I used again my Caronia base and top coats.


I used two coats here. It’s a little streaky, but putting two coats seem to have fixed it. Adding the top coat made it a bit glossier.


Here’s another view. Not a bad shade of green, I think. As to the Sassy brand of polish, the quality of polish mostly reflects its price. It’s very streaky, and the consistency is a bit runny. The brush is acceptable. The bottle is small. It chipped pretty fast though, even with the Caronia top coat. After only a day it showed signs of wear.

Will I buy Sassy again? Possibly. The price is hard to beat, and I don’t really mind buying cheap stuff especially as I am still on the learning phase.

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to nail polish!

I wanted to have appropriate nails to welcome 2013 in. These are what I used:


Caronia Nail Hardener and Base Coat, Chic Nail Color in Blue Velvet, Chic Nail Color in Wish Upon a Star, Caronia Fast Dry Top Coat

Upgraded! I now have a base coat, again from Caronia.

I used the blue Chic nail polish first and checked if it is enough. This is how it looked like with just the blue polish:


It seemed nice and shiny, but somehow it didn’t look sparkly enough. I added the Chic glitters and here’s what came out:


Not bad! I like how sparkly it is, just right enough to welcome the new year in!

Have a fruitful and prosperous new year everyone!

What better way to show my newfound enthusiasm for nails and nail polish than painting my own holiday themed nails! Here’s mine:


Sparkly! I used a nice girly pink Etude House nail polish for the base and Caronia glitters for the, well, glitters! Topped with Caronia top coat.


You can see the glitters much better in this picture:


I like that the top coat is really tough and protects the polish and glitters. It’s been four days since I painted these on, and it’s only just starting to chip at the base.

Merry christmas everyone!

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