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Gals! I found a sale on Bifesta Cleansing Water at Watsons Greenbelt 1. From a regular price of Php419, I was able to score a bottle for only Php335! That’s Php84 savings for what is arguably the best makeup remover in the Philippines! Go check it out, I’m not sure how much longer the sale is.

EDIT: As of April 1 2013, the sale is no longer in effect at this branch.


I received this L.A. Colors eyeshadow palette from the Peachy Pink Sisters prize pack. This is my third favorite item from the pack, and I thought I should write a swatch post for it. (And at the same time attempt a complete blog post written entirely with my phone.) This palette is named Dreamy.

This is the eyeshadow palette still in its sealed state, along with the information at the back of the card.



And here it is, unpacked and opened.



Finally, here are the swatches. The top photo corresponds to the top row of eyeshadows but in reverse order; same thing with the bottom.



End Note (written with PC): It appears I can write whole blog posts with just my phone. For the interested, I use a Lenovo P700 android phone (ICS) and the apps I used to create this post are 1. Camera FX to take the photos 2. PicsArt to edit and watermark the photos and 3. WordPress to compose and upload the post.


If you will recall from my Watsons haul, I bought a set of nail polishes from Bobbie called Cocktail Hour Gradation Nail Polish in Pink Cadillac, which is a limited edition set of three mini bottles that is supposed to make a gradation nail art. Let me remind you of what I’m talking about.


For this look, instead of the base polish in the set I instead used Chic Nail Polish in Love Orchid. It’s a very pale pink that has a creamy texture. I used two layers. It’s a little sheer as I can still see my nail line, but I wasn’t worried since I’m layering. Here is the swatch with the base color alone.

princessbling1 princessbling2

I added the second layer from the gradation set (middle bottle). This is basically silver sparkles in a base color of a darker pink than the Love Orchid. I applied it about half a centimeter from the cuticles. It may be a little hard to see in this picture, but you can see the sparkles in the middle of the nails.


Finally, I used the rightmost bottle, which is big circular and hexagonal silver glitters in a colorless base. I applied it only on the very edge, reminiscent of a french tip. I did this partly because the glitters were stubborn ang clung to the brush and I have had to scrape it against my nails to make it adhere.

princessbling4 princessbling5

The end result is very pretty, and evokes the feeling of having dainty bling on my nails. I put on my usual Caronia Fastdry Top Coat, but the glitters were too big that you can feel the texture. Here it is again cleaned up and in better light.


What do you think?

Let’s break our personal barriers! I’m going to break mine and post a FOTD today. I’m always nervous about posting my face around the internet, but we don’t learn anything if we don’t master our fears. So! Here’s my first ever Face of the Day.


Here are the products I used:

firstfotd06 firstfotd07 firstfotd08

Face products (L-R): Elf Concealer Stick, Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer, Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream, Nichido Loose Powder, Ever Bilena Powder Blush in Baby Pink

Eye and lip products (Clockwise from left): Creation Eyeshadow from Saizen, Eye of Horus Natural Smokey Eye Pencil, Etude House Oh m’Eye Lash Mascara, Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame, Venus and Mars Smooch Lip Detox

I’m not sure if you could see it, but check out the Nouveau clip I wore.


Let’s have an awkward nerdy smile to end this first FOTD post.


It’s christmas in summer! I certainly felt that way when I received my prize from the Peachy Pink Sisters Post-Valentines Giveaway yesterday. It came in this wonderful prettily wrapped box.


Upon removing the ribbon and mesh wrap, I find a green box with nice prints that I thought were comics but were actually black and white photos of the prize contents. I love the effort that Dawn and Liz put into this!


I even get a handwritten note! Handwritten! I’m so touched!


And without further ado, here are the contents:

ppsprize5 ppsprize6

Just how awesome are these? I’m especially excited to try out the mascara (I’m running out on my current one, Etude House Oh m’Eye Lash), the eyeshadows, and the necklace. In fact, I already used the mascara today and wore the necklace to work! Check it out:


To Dawn and Liz, thank you so much for these! I am enjoying them a lot! I also love the actual box that they came in. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a Salad Box box. I don’t have one yet, so I really appreciate that you’ve chosen it to put my prizes in. It adds to the feeling of christmas, y’know?

I’m finally back with a nail post! It’s been a while since I played with my nails and I decided to expand my horizons a little bit. At the same time, I get to swatch two of my newest polishes. I decided to try doing different finishes (glossy and matte) and at the same time do an accent nail. This will be the first time I tried both techniques.

The two new polishes I tried here are Caronia Carolina Peach and Color Trends Sherbet Mango Yellow. The yellow goes on my accent nail, and the peach (which is actually reddish) for the rest of my nails. I decided to use the matte finish for the accent nail, and glossy for the rest. I of course used OMG Matte Potion for the matte finish, Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat for the glossy, and Caronia Nail Hardener for the base.


I apologize for the diffused light. I took these pictures in the early morning, and for some reason they came out like these.


I even took a picture closer to the window, and it still came out washed.


I do like how it came out though. It’s a very simple nail art that anyone can do, and it doesn’t require any additional tools apart from the polish bottles and their brushes.

What do I think of my new polishes? The Sherbet Mango Yellow is a nice summer color, but one has to be very careful in the application, as it can make unsightly streaks if applied incorrectly. My right accent nail is unevenly done and I can see the layers. The Carolina Peach is really incorrectly named, as it’s most definitely red. A dark red, in fact, which is very far away from being peach. It is on the borderline of my tolerance for dark polishes, but for now it’ll remain in my stash.

Right on the dot, my second GlamourBox arrived a few days after the 15th. It’s getting really difficult to sign up for it and I’m glad to have been able to get a March box. Let me show you what’s inside!

marglambox01 marglambox02 marglambox03

This month’s welcome card says that this month is “All About Us”. Products in this box are supposed to make us channel our inner goddess, and carry our own style with confidence. I’m so excited! Let’s see what’s under those white paper fillers.


Looks like we got some interesting stuff in here. Let’s see what they are one by one.


Full size 250ml – Php350

Not one, but two, bottles of Avon Skin So Soft Glutathione Whitening Hand and Body Lotion. Very good timing for summer! These 50ml bottles are perfectly sized for travel, and will definitely go with me to the beach! The welcome card says that “This lotion lightens dark spots caused by aging and keeps dull skin at bay for fairer, glowing skin. See results in just a few days!” I love lotions, and I’m very excited to try this. Each of the bottles are worth Php70.


Full size 1.2g – Php960

An eye pencil! I love eye pencils, and I’m tickled to see that this one is by Eye of Horus. There had been lots of good reviews for the Eye of Horus Mascara, and I can’t wait to try out their eye pencil. This Eye of Horus Natural Smokey Eye Pencil, according to the welcome card: “Get that exotic kohl effect with this lusciously easy-to-apply eye pencil. Its unique formulation of Jojoba Wax and Mango Oil is 100% waterproof and glides on without tearing to give you an amazing goddess look.” It’s double ended, one end being the actual eye pencil, and the other end (gold capped) has a foam or rubber tip to help smudge out the line. This is the only full sized product in the box.


BB Creams: Full size 40g – Php1300
Aqua Brightening Gel: Full size 80g – Php1750

Ah, sachets. I guess it can’t be helped. These sachets are a set of Heynature BB Creams and one Heynature Aqua Brightening Gel. Heynature is a Korean brand. The BB Creams: “Combining authentic oriental ingredients and advanced dermatological formula, Heynature selects the finest natural ingredients to develop a distinctive BB Cream series that guarantees nourishment to the skin for a flawless finish.” The Aqua Brightening Gel, on the other hand: “This moisturizing gel transforms into pearl-like water droplets upon massaging the skin. It helps boost up skin hydration level and effectively soothes the skin, resulting in full elasticity with a luminous glow.” As these are really small sachets, I’ll estimate them at about 1g sample each, which gives us a per-sachet price of Php32.50 for the BB Creams and Php21.88 for the Gel.


Full size 150ml – Php2950

Ah, this is the same Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser that I received in my Jan BDJ Box. [EDIT: This is not the same. The one in the Jan BDJ Box is Pevonia Phyto Gel Cleanser.] “This gentle cleanser exfoliates dead cells and deep-cleanses to refine the skin’s texture. It prevents clogged pores and blackhead formation, leaving it soft, smooth, clean and bright.” I have been using this product occasionally and am quite satisfied by its performance, so I don’t really mind getting a second sample. This 5ml sample costs about Php98.33.


Saharienne: Full size 75ml – Php4300
Big Pony 3: Full size 100ml – Php4300

Finally we get two perfume samples, Big Pony 3 from Ralph Lauren and Saharienne from Yves SaintLaurent. Saharienne: “A pure object of the desire, Saharienne is the first fresh water splash fragrance ever created by the House of YSL. Its fusion of sparkling, mineral and solar flower notes is an uncommon concentrate of daring and sunshine, the hottest of all cool waters.” Big Pony 3: “Edgy and refined, this oriental floral scent contains key ingredients of Wild Cherry and Purple Amber. Designed for the stylish woman, she catches the eye and imagination of anyone who crosses her path.” A preliminary sniff proves that both are quite acceptable scents, and I particularly like the Saharienne. These 1.5ml sample tubes are worth Php86 (Saharienne) and Php64.50 (Big Pony 3). As a bonus, the cards that they come with are vouchers for free gifts when you purchase any fragrance from their specific brands.


We do of course get bonus gift cards or vouchers. For this month, we get a Php2000 gift voucher for SureSlim Wellness Centre, which gives us a Php2000 discount when enrolling in their Weightloss Program. This is not valid for any other SureSlim products, and we can only use 1 voucher per enrollee. This is valid for a whole year, however, which is pretty good. The second coupon is a 10% off voucher for Travalo Classic and Classic Excel Refillable Perfume Spray. It is valid until May 15, 2013 and can be used in the GlamourBox online store.

My impressions of the March GlamourBox: In general I think I like this better than the February box, since I can definitely use the eye pencil and the lotions. There is still the problem of the sachets and the perfume samples though, but I’ve resolved to make the most of it. I’m definitely pleasantly surprised that I like the fragrances. I also like that they introduce us to a new brand I’ve never seen before (Heynature) and fragrances from brands I would probably never even think of. I will still continue the subscription if I can.

Value review: The total value of this box is about Php1500, excluding the voucher values. The eye pencil alone covers the cost I paid for the monthly subscription (Php595) so I definitely get my money back and more.

Let me confess something here: these bottles are actually empties! I’ve gone through these whole bottles of Human Heart Nature Nourishing Facial Wash and Nourishing Face Toner, and I think that should be enough times of use to make a proper review.


Let’s start with the Nourishing Facial Wash. It contains tomato extract which is a pretty powerful antioxidant. I should mention that this line of HHN products caters specifically to Normal or Sensitive Skin. This facial wash is very gentle to the skin, but cleanses really well. It has a nice fruity scent. It doesn’t really lather up well, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it doesn’t work. It very well does, even if sometimes I forget to use a makeup remover (of course, not for the waterproof products). This product costs Php79.75 for the 50ml bottle, and Php199.75 for the 200ml bottle (pictured).


Unfortunately, I don’t have a similar glowing review for the Nourishing Face Toner, even if they do contain the same tomato extract antioxidant. There must be something in the formulation, but I did experience some stinging when I use this toner. It’s not as painful as some of the other toners I’ve tried, but there is still some stinging. I suspect I am allergic to one of its ingredients. This product costs Php99.75 for the 100ml bottle (pictured) and Php184.75 for the 200ml bottle.


Will I rebuy these? The facial wash definitely, as it works well for me and it’s not that expensive. I like the smell of it too.

Pros: reasonably priced; product works as advertised (facial wash); available in most supermarkets and online; locally made; environment friendly

Cons: stinging sensation (toner)

Check out Human Heart Nature’s online store here.

Today I will review my new favorite brand of skincare: Celeteque. It all started when I realized I needed to apply moisturizer before applying on makeup in the morning. I am not growing any younger, and I want to start a good skincare routine. I chose Celeteque primarily because it’s very accessible (available in most supermarkets and drugstores) and the price is reasonable. celeteque1

The first product I tried is Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer.


This moisturizer applies on very lightly on the face, and gets absorbed fast. This is a huge deal since it doesn’t add up to the preparation time in the mornings, as you will be able to apply your makeup over this a few seconds after applying moisturizer. It keeps the skin fresh and supple even under heavy makeup. This small tube lasts me for a long time (about 3-4 months) and costs only Php127 for the 50ml size, and Php 210 for the 100ml.


Emboldened with my success with the moisturizer, the next one I tried is the Celeteque Hydration Alcohol-Free Toner. I’ve not had much luck with my toners recently as they all turned out to be too harsh. I always experienced some amount of stinging and I was really getting tired of that. Luckily enough, this toner from Celeteque was very gentle, yet effective enough to clean out my pores. The downside to this is that since this is very watery, you’ll need to put a lot of it onto a cotton pad to effectively reach out to all the pores. I’ve been using this for about a month now, and I have not experienced any stinging or breakout. As a bonus, it doesn’t smell bad or strange. This costs only Php82 for the 65ml bottle, and Php 129 for the 125ml.


Lastly, I recently added to my routine the Celeteque Hydration Facial Wash. A little goes a long way here. Just a very small dab of product will lather up pretty well, and you can really feel it do its cleaning powers on your face. It doesn’t bring the squeaky clean feel, but the face feels so much brighter and refreshed. This really works for the everyday, non-heavy duty cleansing needs. This facial wash costs Php75 for the 60ml bottle, Php118 for the 100ml, and Php270 for the 250ml pump bottle.

I reviewed a fourth product, the Celeteque Hydration Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes, in a separate post.

Bonus review! I’ll add a short word on the Celeteque Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum from the Restorative Line. I won this product from a Celeteque twitter contest, and I was so lucky to receive a full-sized bottle! This is the first serum I tried (I have started using this before the Shiseido products) and I was really interested in trying it out.


This serum has a very thick consistency. The bottle comes with a dropper to dispense the product, and a small squeeze of the dropper will give you a tiny blob of serum. This tiny blob is actually enough to cover the entire face! It glides on smoothly, and doesn’t feel greasy or oily. It gets absorbed by the skin within a couple of minutes too, so again it saves you a bit of time in the evening. The bottle actually recommends you to use this morning and evening, but I opted to only use this with my evening routine. I can say that I am very impressed with this product, and I have confidence that this will help maintain my skin elasticity as well as reduce whatever wrinkles I may be developing. This 30ml bottle costs Php899.

Pros: reasonably priced; available in most supermarkets and drugstores; a little goes a long way; effective in their respective areas

Cons: none really

Disclaimer: All products except for the serum are bought with my own resources. All opinions are mine and are in no way endorsed by Celeteque.

Learn more about Celeteque products in their official website.

One of the things I recently purchased in my last haul from Watsons is Myra VitaGlow Tinted Facial Moisturizer in Ivory. As I mentioned, I was looking for a product that will take the place of moisturizer, sunblock, and face base to greatly reduce prep time in the rushed mornings. I have heard good feedback for Myra as a brand, and of all their available moisturizers I chose this one since it is tinted.


This 35-ml tube costs Php135 at Watsons, and as far as I can tell, comes in only two shades: Ivory and Beige. Only Ivory was available in the Watsons branch I went to (Dela Costa branch in Makati City). As you can see, it came sealed for your protection. There were no testers available, so I actually bought this unswatched with me hoping that it will be a good match for my skin tone.


The tube is a slender one with the cap at the bottom. Just a slight twist will open it. The front of the tube tells us that this product has minerals, SPF15, the shade Ivory, and is vitamin E-enriched (For healthy, glowing, young-looking skin). It also says it’s hypo-allergenic and dermatologist-tested.

The back of the tube tells us about the product’s features, directions for use, and warnings. The ingredients are Tocopheryl acetate, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Titanium dioxide, and Methoxycinnamate, which I found in Unilab’s website. I’ve swatched this already on my hand in my previous post.


Now it’s time to test it out on my face. Let me start by showing you my bare face (cleaned previously with a facial cleanser). Notice the yellowish lids and dark undereyes, as well as some red spots on my cheeks.


After applying Myra VitaGlow Tinted Moisturizer, I get an even color all over my face. My eyelids and undereyes are now of a similar shade and the red spots are no longer so red.


I applied the rest of my makeup, which is basically just eyeliner for both eyes and eyebrows (Ever Bilena eye pencil), lip balm (Snoe Beso Balm), and lipstick (Ever Bilena Matte lipstick).


Not so bad for a quick 3-minute face for the office, don’t you think? So far I have not experienced any itchiness or breakouts from this, so I am quite happy with this product.

Pros: inexpensive; available in drugstores and supermarkets; didn’t break me out; matches my skin tone; 3-in-1 product reduces prep time in the morning

Cons: only two shades available

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