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OMG has new bottle labels and price! Check out the OMG nail polish spread at Landmark Makati:

omgnew1 omgnew2

In the second (close up) image above, you can see that the old bottle labels are on the right side, while the new bottle prints are on the rest of the bottles. Interesting development! Of course I have to buy the new bottles. I got two pink ones: First Date and Champagne.

omgnew3 omgnew4

Here you can see a better close up view of the new bottle prints. The sticker labels in front are now gone, and replaced with labels printed directly on the glass bottles. The bottles themselves are the same. Another major difference is an increase in price. These new bottles now cost Php24.75 each, compared to the old price of Php19.75. I think only isolated bottles remain at the old price, which include the line of Crystal Sands.


Here is Champagne on my nails. It is a very sheer pink, which is practically almost the color of my nails. It only becomes evident under bright light, which you see here. It’s actually pretty nice and is a good office-appropriate polish shade.


Here on the other hand is First Date. It is a pretty bright pastel baby pink, and is a great shade for summer. It leans neon and reminds me of stabilo highlighters that I used in high school.

I…cannot think of a witty end to this post. So let me leave you with an awkward end.


As scheduled, the April 2014 Glamourbox arrived early 4th week of April. What was not expected was just how packed this box is! The first clue is the strange bulging of the actual box. It could only mean good things!

Warning: Photo-intensive post ahead! [You can click on each photo for a bigger size.]


Here is what greets you when you open it (upon removal of the welcome card). Check out the beefiness of this package! It’s packed to the brim and more! Also note that this box came with a new green fabric cover instead of the usual peach.


The welcome card tells us that this month the focus is on Perfectly Pristine. Products in this particular box will help us restore our hair and skin to its perfectly pristine state. At the back of course is the (long) list of items included as well as their pricing info.

perfectlypristine04 perfectlypristine05

Let me show you what I got in order of preference. Is it strange that my favorite item in this box is one of the add-ons? Check it out, Valda Pastilles! The sight of this threw me all the way back to the 90s, with me wishing they included the signature tin can. But hey I’m not complaining! I looooove Valda and I suspect this will get consumed too soon. This 20g packet costs Php60 (full size 50g costs Php150).

perfectlypristine22 perfectlypristine23

Next on my favorites list is Avon Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Gel Lotion. I have to admit that I squeed when I saw this bright blue bottle, primarily because I read Liz’s review and I really wanted to have my own bottle. I’m a lotion fiend and I don’t doubt that I would like this one. The scent is fresh too! This full sized 250ml bottle costs Php330.

perfectlypristine15 perfectlypristine16

Third of my favorites is one of the causes of the bulging of this box. This tub of Barenaturals The Mane Event Nourishing Hair Mask has the essential ingredients of oat protein, macadamian nut, and argan oil. The welcome card says that this product promises to help condition, detangle, fight static, and rebuild damaged hair. Sold! I have really frizzy and static-prone hair and it definitely needs all the help it can get! This 100g tub costs Php293 (full size 130g costs Php380).

perfectlypristine09 perfectlypristine10

The next one on my list is Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. I have dry scalp which sometimes do result in some flakes, so I would occasionally use anti-dandruff shampoo. I’ve seen the Sebamed brand around when I shop, and have always been curious about it. Now I can try one of their items out, and it happens to be this really cute sample bottle! See how small it is compared to my palm? Tiny and adorable! This 20ml sample bottle costs Php42.50 (full size 200ml costs Php425).

perfectlypristine17 perfectlypristine18

Next is Venus & Mars Naturals Smooch Lip Detox SPF15. I have already tried this previously from Sampleroom and I pretty much loved it. I am happy to receive a second sample tub of this! It really doesn’t say how much product is in this tub. Let us assume that this is around 3g, which puts its cost to around Php62 (full size 10g costs Php205).


This next one is Vanilla & Co. Moisturizing Witch Hazel Beauty Tonic, which actually sounds like a pretty vague description of what it is. I understand this to mean that you can spritz this into any skin part for a moisture boost. Very intriguing, and it doesn’t smell bad either. It doesn’t really indicate it anywhere but I estimate this to be 50ml, which means it costs Php67 (full size 150ml costs Php199). Side comment: I’m glad I received this instead of the Foot Blush!

perfectlypristine07 perfectlypristine08

The second add-on I’m listing here is three sachets of Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel. It’s basically a gel to soothe skin irritations like sunburn, minor cuts and wounds, insect bites, and even acne. I have many skin irritations (due to sensitivities!) so this will definitely come in handy. It’s just too bad that it’s in sachets; I might just decant it to a tub or something. Each sachet has 5g of product; so the three sachets at 15g costs Php61 total (full size 114g costs Php460).

perfectlypristine20 perfectlypristine21

These next four products are the ones I’m not so hyped about. First is a second Barenaturals tub, this time it’s Sexy Back Scrub with Sacha Inchi Oil. It’s a lulur scrub meant entirely to get rid of bacne. I don’t really have much problems with my back so I’m not too excited about this. That and the fact that I still have most of a tub of Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub. This one I expect is full sized, although there seems to be a conflict between the welcome card (130g) and the taped-over label of the tub (170g). However the card says it costs Php290, so I’ll go with that. Bonus: It comes with its own spatula!

perfectlypristine11 perfectlypristine12

This next one is Belo Intensive Whitening Bar. I’m really not very big on whitening so this really didn’t excite me, to be honest. I might give it a shot just to see how this smells and feels on the skin, and basically just to try out kojic. This is apparently a full sized bar (!?), 65g, and costs Php59.75.

perfectlypristine13 perfectlypristine14

Second to the last is Zen Zest Anti-Mosquito Room Fragrance. The reason that this is near the bottom is not the fact that this is actually my second sample bottle (the first I got from Sampleroom), but because I don’t like how it smells. Apparently the combination of citronella, lemongrass, and eucalyptus is too strong for me and I feel that it’s overwhelming. I won’t feel comfortable spraying it all over my room. I gave this new bottle to my sister-in-law; hopefully she finds the scent acceptable. This is a 50ml bottle, which puts the cost to Php50 (full size 250ml costs Php250).


Finally we have the third add-on: CLEAN Fragrance Shower Fresh and coupon. I’ve actually changed my mind about fragrance samples – I actually like them now since it allows me to try out fragrances before I buy. However, the scent of this sample isn’t really to my liking. I’ll probably give this one away too. This tiny 0.88ml sample costs Php59.


My impressions of the Perfectly Pristine Glamourbox: I am actually quite impressed with the sheer amount of products in this box. The variety is commendable, and it still actually ties in with the theme. I definitely love the inclusion of the pastilles, even though it seems out of place overall.

Value review: The total value of this box including the samples is Php1374.25, which is a bit over twice the value of the sub, Php595. The reason for this is that most of the items actually costs under a hundred each. However in this case I would disregard the numbers, as the box feels like it costs more than it actually does! There are a lot of products to try in a wide range of categories, which is what a sampling box should actually be. I’d rate this to be one of the best boxes that Glamourbox has released so far.


The sub is still open, I believe. So if you liked the items I listed here, head on over to and snag yourself a box!

One (well, two) of my recent favorites with regards to eyeshadows is my pair of eyeshadow quads from Ellana Minerals (here’s the haul post). I got two of the three available quads, both of them are of course neutrals. Today I will review these two quads as well as show you the arm swatches.


Let us start with the Eyebrow/Eyeshadow Quad, with the shades Beloved, Intense, Wish, and Hush. Here is the quad and the respective shade names.


I’ve been using the shade Intense a lot as my go-to eyebrow powder as that is the only one that matches my hair. It is a very dirty dark brown shade. The other three I’ve used in various looks as eyeshadow. Wish, in particular, is a very pigmented coppery shade and is great as crease color for neutral looks. I use Beloved, a dusty light brown, as an overall lid wash, and goes well with many colors even outside this quad. Hush, a beige, is the least used because it practically disappears on my skin.

Here are the arm swatches (click the image for a bigger version). The bottom row is swatched over Artdeco Eyeshadow Base. The primer really unlocks the full potential of these eyeshadows!


The second quad I bought is called the Mesmer-eyes Eyeshadow Quad, and has the shades Inspiration, Brilliance, Charisma, and Sensational.


Now here is where it gets a little gnarly. The shade names you see above are assigned by me based purely on the shade descriptors on the Ellana website, so you’ll have to take this with a grain of salt. It doesn’t help that the back of the quad has a misprint (Wish is listed instead of Inspiration). Brilliance (Ellana: “soft bronze”) is a pretty nice, almost metallic brown that can passably be bronze. Sensational (Ellana: “iridescent gold”) is actually a peach-leaning beige whose potential really emerges with a primer. Charisma (Ellana: “soft copper pink”) is a light metallic pink that turns into a deeper pink with a primer. Inspiration (Ellana: “soft beige”) is essentially a very light beige which strangely turns pretty white with a primer.

Here are the arm swatches (click the image for a bigger version). Check out how it practically is a different palette with the use of a primer (again, Artdeco Eyeshadow Base). It is a lot more apparent here compared to the first quad.

ellanaeyes1 ellanaeyes2

Here is a look I’ve made using the two quads. Intense is definitely used for the brows. I used either Sensational or Beloved for the lid wash, and Wish for the crease.

ellanaeyes6 ellanaeyes5 ellanaeyes4

Pros: affordable; most shades are very pigmented, and go well together; portable; comes with mirror; multitasking; beautiful illustrations on the case

Cons: some shades require a primer; cardboard case

Neutral: requires separate brush/es

Both of these quads are Php350 each, and are available through the Ellana website or at The Ramp in Trinoma and Glorietta 3, Cinderella at SM Megamall, or their showroom at La Fuerza Plaza 2. Ellana is locally-made and cruelty-free.


Whew isn’t it super hot recently? This kind of heat can really addle the brain and result to some horrors if one is not careful. In the previous years I never really changed my routine with the season. However this year is so ridiculous that I needed to adjust, otherwise I’m pretty sure my face would have melted off by the end of the week. Let me show you what I am using on my face every morning recently.


These four products are my go-to in the mornings that I go out of the house. The first thing that touches my face after cleansing is the Celeteque Hydration Hydrolized Moisturizing Mist. In short, a facial moisturizer delivered by mist. I couldn’t really stand any heavier moisturizers and this is the one my face likes the best. This can has 120 ml and costs Php349. It’s quite large, which sadly makes it not portable.


Next one in is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen (SPF50, PA+++). Before summer started, I’ve never been consistent with applying sunscreen as it always felt so heavy and sticky. Now though, I can ignore those factors as being protected from harmful UV rays is more imperative especially for maarteng skin like mine. Thankfully, this particular sunscreen seems pretty friendly to sensitive skin and hasn’t yet made me break out. This one is 30ml and costs Php460.


Finally, my face base is now exclusively powder. Anything liquid just melts right off the moment I sweat, which is basically anytime I get out of my electric fan’s range. Ellana Minerals Loose Foundation (shade: Caramel Latte) strangely enough stays put even if I sweat! I don’t understand the mechanics of it, but I’ll take it! With the added bonus of minimizing the appearance of my pores, I couldn’t really resist using this every single day. This tub has 6 grams of product, and costs Php460.


But wait, there’s more! Of course I shouldn’t ignore the rest of my body when thinking of harmful UV rays. I also am now more consistent in applying sunblock on my arms and legs, and my recent favorite for that is Celeteque Sun Care Face and Body Sun Defense Cream (SPF50). It doesn’t smell too horrible, but definitely it still smells like many body sunblocks out there. A little sacrifice to make sure I get total body protection. I’ve never tried this on my face. This is a 120ml tube, and costs Php449.


How about you? What’s your summer routine?

Last weekend I met with Tellie and Kira for a wonderful lunch at Vikings Megamall. It didn’t really start on the best of feet, having had a miscommunication before we even met, but once it started I had a total blast!


My beautiful lunchmates!

Here is what I wore on my face for that day. I wanted to give the Silk Naturals Mineral Eye Colors another shot, now that I have a new eyeshadow base (Artdeco). Here I only used two, Charmed and Thistle.



Sporting my summer cut

It turns out that Charmed really does go pretty sheer once blended. It still shows a little bit green here, but it’s a lot less sparkly than what the swatch shows.



The green is still there, I swear!

Here’s a sample of shenanigans I fall into when taking selfies.


Derp face

Products used:


Ellana Minerals Let’s Make It Last Liquid Primer
Ellana Minerals Loose Powder Foundation in Caramel Latte
Ever Bilena Blush in Baby Pink

Ellana Minerals Eyeshadow/Eyebrow Quad
Artdeco Eyeshadow Base
Silk Naturals Mineral Eye Colors in Charmed and Thistle
Clinique Extreme Lengthening Mascara

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Craving Coral

Martha of The Beauty Junkee is having a big big giveaway over at her blog! There are over Php100k worth of prizes at stake, so do check it out if you’re interested!


Click the image or here for her giveaway post.

No, you didn’t accidentally stumble on a book blog or an internet horror novel. But let me tell you what happened to me recently. As a back story, I have a very small pouch in my normal everyday bag that holds my touch-up items (face powder, lipsticks/balms, perfume). If I didn’t have enough time to do my makeup in the morning, I’d throw what I wanted to use for the day in a separate makeup bag so I can do the rest of my face when I get to the office. In an unrelated note, I have very poor memory and have learned to use different cues to help me remember things.

One day, I did the routine as usual, but I forgot to bring out my makeup bag with me from the car. Now I usually have underground parking in the office so it would not be a big deal to forget my makeup in the car. That day, however, I parked above ground in a place with no shade. You can imagine what happened, in this heat we’re having recently. I had three of my favorite lipsticks in that bag, and they all came out of the bag badly damaged.


I almost cried when I saw this! My first firsthand experience with melted lipsticks, and it was horrible! I hid them in a box at home for a couple of days because I couldn’t bear to see them like that. The next day, I squared my shoulders and examined the extent of the damage. As I expected, they are all quite melted and reformed half in the original tube and half in the cap. These lipsticks are: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Standout (review), Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick in Queen Bee (review), and Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Hibiscus (review).

Bea advised to immediately depot these lipsticks to salvage them. I found a four-level screw-top plastic pots from Daiso Japan (formerly Saizen) and used three levels. It was a very sad and distressing task that I did not do prior research. I just basically scraped out the lipstick from the tube and the cap with a plastic spatula and shoved it into the plastic tubs. Here is how it turned out.


It’s not as horrible as I imagined, but it’s also not elegant. I just realized that maybe I need to re-melt them so they will go down to the bottom of the tubs and not perched on the side like evil bloody pupae. Unfortunately I do not have a hair dryer, nor am I willing to take a lighter or anything flame near this thing, so it’ll have to do. I did do a test run using a lip brush, and applied the Avon lipstick the next day. It seemed to apply as normal; the melting didn’t seem to affect the actual product. I hope the same is true for the other two.

Has anything happened like this to you? I’d love to hear your product mishaps/accidents and how you dealt with it!

It’s been a while since I received this from the BDJBox Beauty Soiree, but I’d like to show you this interesting polish. This is Revlon Parfumerie, a recently released line from Revlon which claims that it is a scented nail polish. Basically what that means is, once the polish dries on your nails the scent will be released. If you sniff the actual polish, it will just smell like regular nail polish. The bottle is also different than the usual Revlon bottles – it is a squarish bottle with a round cap/brush handle.


The scent/shade I got is Ginger Melon. It is a bright neon pink on the nail.


Please excuse my really dry cuticles.

How does it smell like? To me it reminds me of those hard candies of our childhood, those ones that are really sweet and takes forever to finish. It does not remind me at all of ginger or melon. How long does the scent last? During the first day the scent was really strong and it seemed like I dipped my fingers in crushed candy. On the second to fourth day, the strong scent virtually disappeared, but I could still smell it if I pressed my nails against my nostrils. Fifth day onward it only has a bare whiff of the original scent.


Also please excuse the chipping on my middle finger. Kinutkot ko kasi.

In conclusion, I am really more in love with the color more than the scent. I don’t think I am a huge fan of scented polish, but I think it’s better than smelling like nail polish, you know? Basta.

Revlon Parfumerie is available or soon to be available at Revlon counters. Revlon is not cruelty-free.

Ever since Glamourbox started featuring the brand Pixi on their Boutique, I’ve always wondered if they were any good. I couldn’t really tell just judging from the product shots, and online reviews were pretty inconclusive. What was stopping me was that they seemed a little expensive to just try on a whim. What was pushing me to buy was that I loved the Tinted Brilliance Balm (Magic Tink Tint) they included in the April Glamourbox last year (OMG it’s been a year already!) and I honestly wanted to get more of those. I envy Kira’s collection!

What finally convinced me to take the plunge is 1. Glamourbox had a pretty tempting offer (get their new Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm free for every 2k purchase of Pixi products) and 2. Iana of The Beauty Bee blogged about her purchase which turned out to be the exact list of things I wanted to get! So here’s what I got:


From left to right I got my freebie Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Ripe Raspberry, the Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Copper Peach, and of course I got my second Tinted Brilliance Balm this time in the shade Craving Coral. I wanted to also get the third in Iana’s list, the Brow Duo, but unfortunately at the time of my order it was sold out. I instead got another Tinted Brilliance Balm to give to a bestie.

Let me show you each of these items. First we have the Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Copper Peach. It has six neutral but shimmery shades in the palette, and it comes with its own dual ended sponge applicator. The palette itself is a little quirky, as its hinges open at the short side instead of the long side as in the usual palettes. This costs Php620.

pixihaul04 pixihaul05 pixihaul07

Here’s the stuff written on the box. Important to note that this has 5.76 grams of product total.

pixihaul02 pixihaul03

I’ve designated numbers for each of the shades as there were no shade names included. It will also make it easier to know which shade I am talking about in any future FOTD I may use this in.


And here are the arm swatches. They are all two swipes each, with the top row having no primer and the bottom row has a swipe of primer (Artdeco Eyeshadow Base) underneath. This is a larger than normal photo so you can click on the photo for a bigger version.


As you can see, shade 1 is barely noticeable on my skin. This will probably end up as some sort of highlighter. Shades 2 and 4 are almost indistinguishable, but in person shade 4 is more peach. Shade 3 is a matte brown that looks a lot darker in the pan but is actually pretty soft. Shade 5 is very coppery red, and shade 6 leans metallic brown. I’ve used this in my FOTD last weekend, and I am liking this palette so far.

Next we have Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Craving Coral. I wanted to have something non-red (most of my recent new lippies are reds) and I thought I’d try a coral shade. It comes in this cute box with some information on the sides. I apologize for the blurriness of the ingredient list. This costs Php790.

pixihaul08 pixihaul09 pixihaul10

The tube is the same one as my first Brilliance Balm, but without the Tinkerbell design. Also the cap seems to be sturdier this time around. It has a band of coral around the twist end. It has 3 grams of product. The shade Craving Coral is tamer than I imagined it to be. Almost peach and not a dramatic coral at all. I love it!

pixihaul11 pixihaul12 pixihaul13

Lastly we have the newly released (here, anyway) Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm, and the shade I received is Ripe Raspberry. The nature of the freebie is that you don’t get to choose what you’ll receive. To me this is quite exciting, and I am so happy with the shade I received! Ripe raspberry is quite a strong red in the tube, and is quite as strong on the lips. The tube itself is a very appealing hot pink-and-mint green combo. It has 4 grams of product. This costs Php420.

pixihaul14 pixihaul15 pixihaul16

And here are the swatches of the two lip balms. The Ripe Raspberry doesn’t look all that red here to be honest. I really like both a lot, although it is the Ripe Raspberry that made it into my bag. I wouldn’t mind getting more shades of these!

pixihaul18 pixihaul19

Here are some photos of me wearing the lip balms. This is me wearing Ripe Raspberry.


And this is me wearing Craving Coral.


Pixi is available at the Glamourbox Boutique,, some select Snoe branches, and Commonthread at Greenbelt 5. Pixi is cruelty-free.

Last weekend I was invited by Aries of Erzullie for my first ever photo shoot. Here is what I did to my face for that shoot.


I wanted to look fresh and simple. I stayed with only a bare hint of color on the lips. I kept the eyes neutral. I really wish I could have gotten my brows cleaned somehow, but it’ll have to do.


I got to try my new stuff out! I recently bought a bunch of Ellana products, and also a bit of Pixi cosmetics and my new eye primer from Artdeco!

fotd-erzshoot3 fotd-erzshoot4

PS: I also got a haircut! It’s not that evident in the photos as my hair blended into my car seat, haha!

Products used:


Ellana Minerals Let’s Make It Last Liquid Primer
Ellana Minerals Loose Powder Foundation in Caramel Latte
Avon Ideal Luminous Blush in Peach

Ellana Minerals Eyeshadow/Eyebrow Quad
Artdeco Eyeshadow Base
Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Copper Peach
Clinique Extreme Lengthening Mascara

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Craving Coral

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