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I’m sure you are aware of the resting bitch face. Urban dictionary defines it as “a person, usually a girl, who naturally looks mean when her face is expressionless, without meaning to.” Fortunately, I don’t have that, but I do have what I would call resting sad face. Apparently I look sad or depressed when I am expressionless. I have more than one person per week come up to me asking if I’m okay, when I was actually feeling pretty upbeat! Maybe I need to smile more…

Anyway! I would like to share with you one of the ways I reuse my empty Glamourboxes. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but Glamourboxes are pretty large and sturdy and really quite reusable.


Since the boxes are nicely sturdy, I use them as trays/containers for my nail polishes. Here you see one and a half Glamourboxes holding my favorite polishes and nail art equipment. I also use another box as a tray where I put my selected supplies so I don’t need to bring an entire box of polishes every time.


Here’s a closer look at the individual trays. This box is where I put my (growing) collection of Dazzle Dry nail polishes. On the corner is my lone Rescue Beauty Lounge lacquer.


This one holds my “other” brands. I have here a surprising amount of OMG polishes and a bit of Girlstuff, Models Own, San San, Essence, and Etude House. There’s also lone representatives from Misa, BYS, and Bobbie.


Finally this one holds my nail art supplies. Most of it is actually from the Nailinator as I won one of her contests.


Writing this post makes me realize that I might have a bit too much nail polish (you don’t say?!). At the same time, I also feel like my boxes can hold a bit more bottles and there’s that really horrible nagging thought that I have maybe five more unused Glamourboxes hanging around. I…I’m addicted, aren’t I?

How do you recycle your subscription box boxes?

Just to try something new, let me show you some of my wishlists. The idea is to write out the reasons why I want to get the things on my wishlists, and the reasons why I shouldn’t get them. In this way, I can judge whether or not it makes sense to buy them with the limited money I have and at the same time, avoid buying stuff that are not on these lists.

This first edition is my eyeshadow palette wishlist. My primary factor in choosing all of these is that it has to be a neutral palette, and as much as possible a good percentage of them consists of matte shadows.

1. Lorac Pro Palette 

Why I Want It: Lorac is known to have really good quality shadows, and most reviews on this palette confirms this. It has a great range of shades, and has both matte and shimmer shadows. It has sixteen shades! If you look at the price per shadow (Php137-166/shadow) it looks to be a ridiculously good deal. It also comes with a small tube of primer! Finally, Lorac is also cruelty-free.

Why I Shouldn’t Buy It: It’s the most expensive item on my wish list, and it will take a lot of budgeting to buy this. It’s not available locally and might be hard to find. There is a big variation in the prices, as low as Php2200 and as expensive as Php2650. In addition, it has no applicator included and the case is made of hard cardboard (as opposed to plastic). This combination makes it a little hard to be portable.

2. Urban Decay Naked Basics 

Why I Want It: Naked Basics is usually on the list of many bloggers’ top eyeshadow palettes. It’s a pretty handy palette consisting of six shadows (neutral of course), and they’re all matte. It’s a great starting point for a makeup beginner like me, and on the whole it’s a reasonably priced palette too. As a bonus, Urban Decay is cruelty-free.

Why I Shouldn’t Buy It: The shade variation is a little meh. Three of the six are highlight shades and will pretty much look the same on the lid. It’s also a little hard to find, and there is a big variation in prices across different online stores. I’ve seen it as low as Php1300 and as high as Php1800.

3. Sleek I-Divine in Au Naturel

Why I Want It: I’ve always wanted to get Sleek Makeup since it reflects the name of my blog, and I did hear a lot of good things about the brand. An eyeshadow palette from them would be a great start, and it’s not really that expensive either. For Php650 you get ten neutral (mostly) matte shadows which is such a great deal! I like how the packaging looks as well.

Why I Shouldn’t Buy It: Some reviews say that the lighter shades aren’t very good. Sleek is also not cruelty-free, which is a big factor to me.

4. San San Single Shadows in Earth Tones

Why I Want It: San San is a local brand that makes excellent makeup and nail polish, and I’ve always liked supporting local brands. They came out with awesomely cheap single shadows (which is definitely not a palette, but I’ll add this here anyway) at Php50 per shadow. I am interested in the five matte neutrals they have, and I’m counting them like a palette. HBC, which sells the brand, is located in a lot of places so this is pretty accessible.

Why I Shouldn’t Buy It: It is not a palette, and I can imagine how messy it is to work with single shadows. It can be fixed with an empty palette like Wild Peach but it would increase the price of the whole thing dramatically. Reviews also say that some of the shades in this line aren’t very good and need a primer. I also have no idea if San San is cruelty-free.


Verdict: After writing this all out, it seems to me that I should go and invest in the Lorac Pro Palette if I have the cash for it. The cases against it are not that big a deal (I have eyeshadow brushes, and I don’t need it to be portable). Otherwise, I can start with the San San Singles if I am in a hurry (which I am really not, since I do own a Nichido palette and two Ellefar palettes that are more or less neutral).

Have you tried/owned any of these? Which would you recommend/not recommend and why, or would you rather recommend something else?

I have finally completed the swatches for these San San Nail Polishes that I acquired a few weeks ago.


Here’s another shot of the San San bottles I bought:


Amethyst, Arctic Green, Lavender Blush


Amethyst, Arctic Green, Lavender Blush

The first one I tried is the Lavender Blush. I wore it to a wedding I attended, where I wore a purple dress. I decided that it was an appropriate enough shade. It’s comes on very sheer that I had to use three layers for it to show. It’s a lovely lavender, almost pink, with light shimmers. It was prone to bubbles though, even if I put on a top coat.



Amethyst is the next one I tried. It’s a very thick (almost goopy) formula, and I only needed one layer. It’s a very deep violet, and almost looks black from certain angles. My husband is not a fan of dark shades, so I removed this a day after I tried it on. There were no bubbles in this shade.


Lastly, I tried the Arctic Green, which is really a misnomer since it didn’t show as green at all. It’s more of a very light blue, almost aqua. As you may have seen from the bottle shots, it is very similar to Lavender Blush in that it’s sheer. Again I needed three layers here, and again those bubbles showed up.



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My first haul post! I am so excited! I was finally able to get my shopping done this week, and I got the following:

Three San San nail polishes from HBC, Php37 each. Shades: Amethyst, Arctic Green, and Lavender Blush. I needed a purple polish to go with my cocktail dress that I wore to a wedding. I bought two shades of purple just to be safe. I’ll be putting up the swatches soon.


Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream from Lush, Php450; Lander Nail Polish Remover from Landmark, Php129.75; Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream from Landmark, Php164.75. As I have developed a rather serious hobby in nail painting, I decided I should be willing to invest in products that will help protect my nails. I’ve seen a lot of recommendations from other lacqueristas for Lemony Flutter, and I’m glad to have found some tubs in the Trinoma branch of Lush. I am also about to run out of my Caronia nail polish remover, so I grabbed this bottle of of Lander. I’ve also gotten raves about the Smoothy Cream, used as a moisturizer. I can’t wait to try this out.


Elf Brightening Eyeshadows, Php129.75; Fanny Serrano Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil, Php65; Artist Studio Concealer Brush, Php49.75; all from Landmark Trinoma. I wanted more neutral eyeshadow colors to play with, so I grabbed this neutral palette from the Elf counter. I also broke my Nichido eye pencil, so I decided to try out a new brand. Lastly, I’m trying to complete a set of makeup brushes, and I decided to get a concealer brush for now.


White plastic trays from Landmark Trinoma, 3 for Php49.75. I needed something to organize the small mess that is my makeup collection. These trays are cheap enough, and small enough to fit my dresser/shelf.


I can’t wait to try them all out! Hopefully I can get things properly documented so you can see some of these reviewed here.

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