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Here are my favorites for the month of August.


1. [Eyes] In2It Eyebrow Kit


I’ve been using this for my brows ever since I bought it. The fact that it’s waterproof is the main reason I prefer this over using just plain eyeshadow on my brows (which I sometimes do, in place of the BYS eyebrow pencil). It also comes with a dark brown which makes my brows softer looking compared to using the black shadow from one of my Ellefar palettes. It’s also not very expensive at Php299! I will put up a review of this soon.

2. [Face] Avon Ideal Luminous Blush in Peach


I have found my favorite blush! I love how glowy it makes my cheeks look without going over the top. The shade Peach is such a great everyday color and matches almost any look I can come up with. I will write a review of this soon.

3. [Lips] Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Hibiscus


A double entry for Avon! This is my go-to lipstick this month. I just love the pop of bright pink, which remains formal enough to wear to the office. It’s also very hydrating, and as a bonus it smells really nice as well! Thank you to Glamourbox for including this in the awesome Avon box.

4. [Skincare] Celeteque Acne Solutions Line


This month is probably the worst for me in terms of acne. I’m not sure if it’s the stress or my skin has just given up on me, but I’ve been getting the worst acne I’ve had in years. Thankfully there is Celeteque’s Acne Solutions Line which has been my savior. It’s gentle and yet very effective. This will always remain on my dresser for those bad breakouts.

5. [Nails] Rescue Beauty Lounge in Liberty


My possibly biggest splurge of the year, the RBL Liberty is such a sunny beautiful shade of green. I regret that summer had to pass before I am able to acquire this, as this would have been my summer staple. Rain or storm won’t stop me from using this over and over!

What are your August favorites? Let me know in the comments!


Last August 15-16 Glamourbox held their first ever store-wide sale in their online boutique. I had already been eyeing their newly-added nail polish brand, Models Own, especially since they also carry the nail art pens. Not surprisingly I pounced on this whopping 25% off sale. Unfortunately my budget is also extremely limited, so I had to content myself with these three items.

With the almost week-long interruption by the habagat/Maring, my package was delayed for a bit. Finally it arrived safely, and each item is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to minimize breakage. Check it out! Each is sealed by the cute GB sticker.


From Models Own I got one regular polish (Jade Stone) and one nail art pen (black), but I would have gotten more if I had the funds! I also purchased one of the Misa Wanderlust collection, Frozen in Time. I wanted to get Taking Chances as well but I ran out of funds by this point.


Jade Stone is a nice mint green. It comes in a cylindrical bottle, and the shade name is found at the bottom. I like the color on the bottle, and I hope it applies in a similar shade. I love green and I intend to start a collection of green polishes. I liked the fact that it arrived sealed. The regular price of a Models Own polish is Php365, but I got it for only Php274 during the sale.

gbloot04 gbloot05 gbloot06 gbloot07 gbloot08

The Nail Art Pen is housed in a pretty rad looking box, with a different print in each of the three sides. The fourth side holds the instructions and information. There’s a funny (scary?) looking eye on the box top, while ingredients are printed at the bottom. The pen itself is a little smaller than I expected (I was expecting pen-sized!). This is dual-tipped: one tip is a very fine pen tip and should be able to draw very narrow lines. The other tip is a striper and is a very thin and long brush. I expect this to be able to make thicker lines than the pen tip. I can’t wait to try both of those out! The nail art pens normally costs Php440, but I got mine for only Php330 during the sale.

gbloot09 gbloot11 gbloot12 gbloot10 gbloot13 gbloot14 gbloot15 gbloot16

Misa Wanderlust Frozen in Time is a dull blue with silver specks. This is my favorite shade of the Wanderlust collection, decided after researching swatches online. It has a wonderful boxy bottle, and you can already see the cloudy blue of the shade. I can’t wait to try this out! The Wanderlust polishes normally costs Php345 but I got mine for Php249.

gbloot02 gbloot03

There you have it! I really do wish I bought more. Hopefully there will be another sale at the Glamourbox Boutique.

What else should my post title have been? This lacquer’s name is very apt, and I have to say I’ve fallen in love with this.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Liberty is a light minty green with subtle silver glimmers. It applies smoothly and evenly and makes your nails pop with youth. Liberty is part of the second wave of RBL’s collaboration with bloggers, and this particular one is inspired by The Polish Police, Pam.

RBL is not readily available in the Philippines, but luckily Digital Traincase ordered a few extra bottles and I was able to snag one for Php1250 (+shipping). RBL lacquers come in a red box with the shade name clearly printed on top. Information about ingredients are clearly printed at the back. Please note that RBL polishes are five-free and cruelty-free.

augusthaul01 augusthaul02 augusthaul03

When you open it up you will see the glorious bottle, and the shade name is again at the bottom. You can see the beautiful green of Liberty when you look at the back of the bottle.

augusthaul04 augusthaul05 augusthaul06

It’s a good thing I chose to apply this on the day before the Habagat deluged Manila. This is a great anodyne for the gloom and dark feelings that abounded the country. Take a look.


I really love this shade. This will prove to be one of my favorites.


RBL ships internationally. The polishes are usually either $18 or $20 per bottle, and you will have to pay extra for shipping depending on the number of bottles you order. Unfortunately Liberty is currently out of stock, but you can get the other shades from the Blogger 2.0 collection. You can check out their store here.

As this is also a review, I’ll include my usual pros and cons section.

Pros: beautiful shade; applies easily; dries relatively fast; opaque in one coat, but use two for even application; 5-free; cruelty-free

Cons: limited edition; steeply priced; needs to be shipped internationally

Have you tried any Rescue Beauty Lounge lacquers? How do you like them?


Welcome to yet another new category! I’m dubbing these the Saturday Shorts series, and it will feature short reviews of at most three products. I will aim to publish a Saturday Shorts post every week. In this volume we will tackle hair and body products.

1. Nanny Rose Gugo & Lawat Anti-Hairfall Shampoo


I got this from my SM Beauty Box, and is actually one of the reasons I bought it. I do have a pretty big hairfall issue, and unfortunately the L’Oreal Paris Anti-Hairfall line wasn’t able to address it. In every bath I usually get about ten or so strands of hairfall, and about five or so when I comb my hair afterwards. After using this Nanny Rose product, my bath hairfall is reduced to about two to three strands, and the after-bath combing hairfall down to one to two strands. It is amazing! I never thought I’d see the end of my hairfall issue. I only use this shampoo at most twice a week. The bottle is kind of a stiff plastic which makes it hard to dispense the shampoo, and is really the only drawback to this amazing product. I will definitely rebuy this!

2. Hollywood Style Light Summer Lotion


I got this bottle of lotion in my April Glamourbox, and have been using it ever since. The bottle contains so much product that I haven’t ran out of it yet until now, with everyday use! I like how smooth it makes my skin feels after application, and I also have grown very fond of the scent. It makes me feel super refreshed, especially on a hot and humid day. It is great for sensitive skin too, as it hasn’t made my skin react even once. I’m very impressed by this, and will become my staple summer lotion. I also want to try the other variant, the Collagen Firming one. This is available in the Glamourbox Boutique as well as in Landmark Trinoma.

3. Human Heart Nature Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash in Tangerine Tarsier


This is my daughter’s current shampoo. She has unfortunately outgrown the much-vaunted Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and it no longer does anything for her hair. She has a big tangle issue and the baby shampoo doesn’t address it at all. HHN’s Kids Shampoo makes her hair softer and much easier to comb out. It even doubles as body wash (she prefers not to). It has a delicious tangerine scent that really makes me want to use it too! I got the giant bottle (500ml) which costs Php289.75. The only drawback to this is that the bottle is too heavy for her to lift by herself. I will probably buy a smaller bottle next time, and just buy the big bottle to refill the smaller bottle.

I would just like to share with you this whimsical palette that my daugher received from our relatives abroad. It’s an eyeshadow and lip gloss palette for kids, from the brand Expressions. It’s called Expressions Girl My First Make-up Collection. Check it out!


It has 39 (!!!) eyeshadow colors and 3 lip gloss shades. It comes in a brightly pink box, and the palette itself is plastic. It seems to be sturdy plastic though, and doesn’t seem like it will break easily (except when dropped!). It has a small window so that you can see inside the palette to each of those shades.

expressionspalette2 expressionspalette3

When you open it up, the lip glosses and eyeshadows are clearly labeled, so you won’t mistake one for the other. It also comes with its own little mirror, two eyeshadow applicators (sponge tips) and a tiny lip brush.


Check out all these delicious shades! Believe it when I say I was soooo jealous of my daughter when I saw this. I don’t have this much eyeshadow! All the shades seem shimmery, and also a little powdery. They are made with safe ingredients, and won’t make my daughter’s skin react.


Inggit ako! Maybe I need to get myself a big ass eyeshadow palette as well!

Welcome to my first ever makeup tutorial! This was to have been my entry to the Avon blogger challenge but I finished it too late and didn’t make it to the deadline. I’d share it anyway! Here goes!

This tutorial is basically how to use the Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Pop, which I got in my awesome Avon Glamourbox. Check out this palette again. Note that there are numbers imprinted upon the four colors, and I will be mentioning these numbers in my tutorial.


Before we start, make sure to prep the face and eyes. I would usually apply my day cream/SPF, face primer, and eye primer before starting on any part of the make up. Note here that my eyebrows are already done, because that’s usually the first thing I tackle after putting on BB cream or foundation.


1. Line the eyes.

Using shade #4 (darkest purple), line the eyes starting from the inner corner going outwards. Here I used my Artist Studio eyeliner brush.



Continue the line until you reach the outer corner. As this is an everyday look, we will stop at the corner and not do anything drastic.


Do the same for the other eye.

avoneye06 avoneye07

2. Apply first color.

Using an eyeshadow brush (here I used Artist Studio eyeshadow brush), apply shade #1 (the lightest purple) all over the lid. Do the same for both eyes.

avoneye09avoneye10 avoneye11

3. Apply second color.

Using the same eyeshadow brush (tap off the excess color #1), pick up shade #2 (the pinkish purple) and apply it on the outer half of the lid, overlapping shade #1. Do this for both eyes.

avoneye12 avoneye13

4. Blend.

Using a blending brush (here I used the Artist Studio blending brush), blend #1 and #2 together in a nice gradient by stroking the brush gently in a horizontal manner.


5. Apply mascara.

Apply your chosen mascara to emphasize the eyelashes. Here I used Avon Supershock Max Waterproof Mascara in Black, which made my lashes look fuller and longer.


And there we have it! The complete everyday purple look using the Avon eyeshadow quad.

avoneye17 avoneye18

What do you think? Do you like the look?

Not a very original title, but that’s basically what I did here. I wanted to try out Essence nail polishes, and I was enamored by this shade, Gold Fever. It has a clear base with a lot of gold glitters, along with a bit of red glitter. I bought this at SM Makati, for Php99 only.

augusthaul10 augusthaul11

Since this is a glitter topper, I chose my favorite Dazzle Dry Me d’Forest Queen as base color. The deep green will showcase the golden glitters very well, and I was right! Check it out!


I made a mini nail art of it as well, by applying the Essence glitter topper in various ways. Too late when I realized that the brush can be used on its side!  It looks much better on my right hand.

greenandgold2 greenandgold3 greenandgold4

I made sure to leave the ring finger with just the Essence Gold Fever to show you how it would look on its own. It’s a little sheer so I used three coats. The ones on the green are only two coats.

greenandgold5 greenandgold6

And check it out under sunlight! The gold just glitters out at you!

greenandgold7 greenandgold8

Have you tried any Essence glitter toppers? How did it work for you?

Essence nail polishes are 5-free and cruelty-free.

One of the items I received in the Avon Glamourbox is the Avon Skin Goodness Moisturizing BB Cream SPF20/PA++ in Nude. This costs Php399 and can be bought from Avon Ladies. (I’m hoping this and other Avon products will be available at the Glamourbox boutique soon!)


It comes in a small 18g tube with a pointed spout. I like that it’s very sanitary, and the tube-spout combo makes it very easy to control the amount of product dispensed.

avongb06 avongb07

I also like the fact that it has SPF20 and PA++, but without giving too much of a white cast. This comes in the shade BO2 Nude, which is a pretty good match for my skin tone. This is how it looks like swatched on my arm.

avonbb4avonbb5 avonbb6

This is how it looks applied on my face. It gives a fairly good coverage and manages to conceal most redness. It has a bit of shine to it, which makes my skin glow and look more alive.


Bare face


BB Cream (Primer underneath)


Fully made up. Applied Nichido finishing powder.


Pros: A good everyday BB cream; Light-medium coverage; Great shade match; Has SPF20/PA++

Cons: Limited availability; A little expensive for the amount of product provided


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Pardon the consecutive nail posts, but I wanted to share with you my entry to Girlstuff’s Nail Art Contest. The theme is National Heroes Day, and this is my interpretation for it. I actually had this idea since around Independence Day but I didn’t have time then to execute it. I thought the design seemed appropriate for National Heroes Day as well. A big thanks to my husband for helping me take this picture!


The Girlstuff polish I used is Nina (swatched here). I used two coats on the thumb, index finger, and pinky on both hands. For the flag I used the following Dazzle Dry shades: Electrifying (red), Forget-Me-Not (blue), White Lightning (white), and Sahara (yellow). I also used the Dazzle Dry Base and Top Coats.


Here are the steps I took to do the flag design.

Left hand (painted with my dominant right):

  1. Paint a layer of white lacquer on the ring and middle fingers. If your white polish isn’t very solid, do two layers.
  2. Paint the upper right diagonal (with the hand laid flat) on the middle finger with the blue polish. I only used free hand here, and the polish brushes themselves.
  3. Paint the upper left diagonal on the ring finger with the red polish.
  4. Using a dotting tool, paint two small dots on the lower corners using the yellow polish. Afterwards paint two half-circles in the inner edges to make the sun.

gscontest3 gscontest2

Right hand (painted with my non dominant left):

  1. Paint a layer of white lacquer on the ring and middle fingers. One layer will do even if the white polish isn’t very solid.
  2. Paint the entire middle finger with the blue polish.
  3. Paint the entire ring finger with the red polish.

I used white polish under the red and the blue polish for the right hand so that the shades will match the colors on the left hand (since the left is painted over the white).

gscontest5 gscontest4

Can I ask for a favor? If you liked my nail art can you kindly like my official entry over at Girlstuff’s Facebook page? Thank you loads!

This is my first time in a long time to try another brand other than Dazzle Dry. I’ve been hearing a lot of raves about Girlstuff, that it is safe to use even by children. I finally caved in and bought myself a bottle. The sales assistant recommended the shade Nina and mentioned that it is their best seller.


The bottle is a strangely shaped one. This is supposedly to help save space, since the bottles fit into each other. The cap is wide for an easy grip and the brush is flat. Manufacturing and expiry dates are stamped at the bottom of the bottle.


Nina is a frosted metallic pink/peach shade. It changes its color depending on the light source.

girlstuffnina1 girlstuffnina2

It looks very beautiful when viewed under sunlight.


Each angle seems to bring a different shade of pink.



The only drawback is that it has a pretty strong smell.

What do you think? Have you tried any Girlstuff polishes?

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