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20 Days of Lipstick: Week 2

Posted on: August 4, 2014

Welcome to Week 2 of my 20 Days of Lipstick beauty dare! Just a short recap, this challenge requires me to use a different lipstick for five days per week without repetition for the entire challenge. This week I continue to explore the options I have in my stash.


Day 1: Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Creamy Nude


I feel like I’m cheating because there are five lipsticks in this Clinique makeup kit, but rest assured that I actually barely use any of these (primarily because I have to use a brush to use any of these). This day I decided I want to try a nude lip, and I always prefer Creamy Nude (leftmost) over Blushing Nude (middle) because, well, it’s creamy! I like this also because it doesn’t make my lips look washed out or blend into the rest of my face.

Day 2: Ofra Lipstick #205


This is the second lipstick I purchased from Shayne, and this is the other shade sent out in the September 2013 Glamourbox (Beauty SOS). I got the red one (Ofra #202) and I wanted to try out this one so badly. Thankfully Shayne sold hers at a very generous price, and I snapped it up right away! This of course is a pretty bright shade of pink, and looks initially matte upon application. It kind of glistens up after a while, but like #202 it’s a little bit drying.

Day 3: Ever Bilena Shine Lipstick in Flaring Cranberry


One of my lower end lipsticks. I like this one particularly because of its scent. It’s not your usual old-lady smell, but rather like a sweet candy scent. This comes out as kind of a shiny or metallic pinkish red (but it appears much darker here!) and because of its moisturizing center, it is not drying at all. It doesn’t stay on long though, and a reapplication is necessary especially after eating.

Day 4: Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick in Head Turner


I’ve swatched this before here. This is one of my brightest and glossiest pinks. I like how girly it still looks even if it’s bright and in-your-face. It has average longetivity, but nondrying.

Yes, I only was able to do four this week. I forgot to take pictures of the first day actually, and I can’t even remember what I used! I also didn’t like the fact that the pictures occur in different places. Hopefully I’ll have it better for the next week.



13 Responses to "20 Days of Lipstick: Week 2"

That nude shade looks really nice. Makes your face look all naturally glowy 🙂

Aw thank you! I find that I don’t really use a lot of nude shades often, because I thought it would wash me out. I should reconsider that!

Miss you Bea! Let’s hang out again! 😀

A hit and miss when I wear nudes. I have a strange skin tone..It does look so natural on you. Love it!

Aw thank you Joey! I don’t feel comfy yet wearing nudes, but I think I really should reconsider that stance. 🙂

The Nude and Hot Pink are my pics. I don’t remember seeing you in nude before. You look great!

Thank you! :3 Yeah I don’t really like nudes as I had this (mistaken?) idea that it makes me look too washed out. I should wear it more often! 😀

Clinique Creamy Nude really looks good on you.

Thank you! I’m going to start using it more often! 🙂

Nude looks great on you. It super works 😀 I’m surprised EB is so pigmented. Though its lack of longevity is kind of the downside I’m expecting.

Thanks! I do have a true EB matte lipstick which I’ll use this week (week 4) hopefully, so we can have a comparison.

I think any lipstick shade looks good on you! ❤ I have tried a matte lipstick from EB before and err, ok sana. Kaso damn it's super drying!! 😦

Aw thank you beh! ❤ I think I do have a true EB matte. Maybe I'll feature that next (next) week. But yeah, most them are pretty drying. 😦

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