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Unboxing the April 2014 Glamourbox: Perfectly Pristine

Posted on: April 24, 2014

As scheduled, the April 2014 Glamourbox arrived early 4th week of April. What was not expected was just how packed this box is! The first clue is the strange bulging of the actual box. It could only mean good things!

Warning: Photo-intensive post ahead! [You can click on each photo for a bigger size.]


Here is what greets you when you open it (upon removal of the welcome card). Check out the beefiness of this package! It’s packed to the brim and more! Also note that this box came with a new green fabric cover instead of the usual peach.


The welcome card tells us that this month the focus is on Perfectly Pristine. Products in this particular box will help us restore our hair and skin to its perfectly pristine state. At the back of course is the (long) list of items included as well as their pricing info.

perfectlypristine04 perfectlypristine05

Let me show you what I got in order of preference. Is it strange that my favorite item in this box is one of the add-ons? Check it out, Valda Pastilles! The sight of this threw me all the way back to the 90s, with me wishing they included the signature tin can. But hey I’m not complaining! I looooove Valda and I suspect this will get consumed too soon. This 20g packet costs Php60 (full size 50g costs Php150).

perfectlypristine22 perfectlypristine23

Next on my favorites list is Avon Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Gel Lotion. I have to admit that I squeed when I saw this bright blue bottle, primarily because I read Liz’s review and I really wanted to have my own bottle. I’m a lotion fiend and I don’t doubt that I would like this one. The scent is fresh too! This full sized 250ml bottle costs Php330.

perfectlypristine15 perfectlypristine16

Third of my favorites is one of the causes of the bulging of this box. This tub of Barenaturals The Mane Event Nourishing Hair Mask has the essential ingredients of oat protein, macadamian nut, and argan oil. The welcome card says that this product promises to help condition, detangle, fight static, and rebuild damaged hair. Sold! I have really frizzy and static-prone hair and it definitely needs all the help it can get! This 100g tub costs Php293 (full size 130g costs Php380).

perfectlypristine09 perfectlypristine10

The next one on my list is Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. I have dry scalp which sometimes do result in some flakes, so I would occasionally use anti-dandruff shampoo. I’ve seen the Sebamed brand around when I shop, and have always been curious about it. Now I can try one of their items out, and it happens to be this really cute sample bottle! See how small it is compared to my palm? Tiny and adorable! This 20ml sample bottle costs Php42.50 (full size 200ml costs Php425).

perfectlypristine17 perfectlypristine18

Next is Venus & Mars Naturals Smooch Lip Detox SPF15. I have already tried this previously from Sampleroom and I pretty much loved it. I am happy to receive a second sample tub of this! It really doesn’t say how much product is in this tub. Let us assume that this is around 3g, which puts its cost to around Php62 (full size 10g costs Php205).


This next one is Vanilla & Co. Moisturizing Witch Hazel Beauty Tonic, which actually sounds like a pretty vague description of what it is. I understand this to mean that you can spritz this into any skin part for a moisture boost. Very intriguing, and it doesn’t smell bad either. It doesn’t really indicate it anywhere but I estimate this to be 50ml, which means it costs Php67 (full size 150ml costs Php199). Side comment: I’m glad I received this instead of the Foot Blush!

perfectlypristine07 perfectlypristine08

The second add-on I’m listing here is three sachets of Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel. It’s basically a gel to soothe skin irritations like sunburn, minor cuts and wounds, insect bites, and even acne. I have many skin irritations (due to sensitivities!) so this will definitely come in handy. It’s just too bad that it’s in sachets; I might just decant it to a tub or something. Each sachet has 5g of product; so the three sachets at 15g costs Php61 total (full size 114g costs Php460).

perfectlypristine20 perfectlypristine21

These next four products are the ones I’m not so hyped about. First is a second Barenaturals tub, this time it’s Sexy Back Scrub with Sacha Inchi Oil. It’s a lulur scrub meant entirely to get rid of bacne. I don’t really have much problems with my back so I’m not too excited about this. That and the fact that I still have most of a tub of Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub. This one I expect is full sized, although there seems to be a conflict between the welcome card (130g) and the taped-over label of the tub (170g). However the card says it costs Php290, so I’ll go with that. Bonus: It comes with its own spatula!

perfectlypristine11 perfectlypristine12

This next one is Belo Intensive Whitening Bar. I’m really not very big on whitening so this really didn’t excite me, to be honest. I might give it a shot just to see how this smells and feels on the skin, and basically just to try out kojic. This is apparently a full sized bar (!?), 65g, and costs Php59.75.

perfectlypristine13 perfectlypristine14

Second to the last is Zen Zest Anti-Mosquito Room Fragrance. The reason that this is near the bottom is not the fact that this is actually my second sample bottle (the first I got from Sampleroom), but because I don’t like how it smells. Apparently the combination of citronella, lemongrass, and eucalyptus is too strong for me and I feel that it’s overwhelming. I won’t feel comfortable spraying it all over my room. I gave this new bottle to my sister-in-law; hopefully she finds the scent acceptable. This is a 50ml bottle, which puts the cost to Php50 (full size 250ml costs Php250).


Finally we have the third add-on: CLEAN Fragrance Shower Fresh and coupon. I’ve actually changed my mind about fragrance samples – I actually like them now since it allows me to try out fragrances before I buy. However, the scent of this sample isn’t really to my liking. I’ll probably give this one away too. This tiny 0.88ml sample costs Php59.


My impressions of the Perfectly Pristine Glamourbox: I am actually quite impressed with the sheer amount of products in this box. The variety is commendable, and it still actually ties in with the theme. I definitely love the inclusion of the pastilles, even though it seems out of place overall.

Value review: The total value of this box including the samples is Php1374.25, which is a bit over twice the value of the sub, Php595. The reason for this is that most of the items actually costs under a hundred each. However in this case I would disregard the numbers, as the box feels like it costs more than it actually does! There are a lot of products to try in a wide range of categories, which is what a sampling box should actually be. I’d rate this to be one of the best boxes that Glamourbox has released so far.


The sub is still open, I believe. So if you liked the items I listed here, head on over to and snag yourself a box!


18 Responses to "Unboxing the April 2014 Glamourbox: Perfectly Pristine"

hi pat, im glad i didnt get the mosquito spray from sample room, i wouldnt like this scent either but if it is the same size as the one in sample room its bigger pala than what i expected 🙂

The sample size is very generous! However the scent is really a big factor. 😦

Nice. All these are new to me. And since I am not a GlamourBox subscribe, I will just appreciate this post. Great set.

This is really a great set! Thanks for dropping by!

Saw Belo Whitening Bar in the supermarket and got a little scared to buy it because the instructions sounded so serious! Like stopping the use of all whitening products 1 to 2 weeks before trying the soap out. To say the least, I was a little intimidated. 😦

I thought the same! It’s a little too..medical?.. for a soap that you can get in the supermarket.

The one product that I really want to try from the bunch is the anti-mosquito room spray

Room sprays are very nice, and being anti-mosquito is a great benefit. I think it works really well; I just disagree with the scent. 😛

Haha. I’ll take that into consideration. Hey, I saw your twitter header image and merong planets and stuff. Do you like ‘outer space’-related info? I do! Hope we get to talk about that when we meet again someday. I don’t usually meet people that are interested in the stuff I’m interested in (except makeup).

I love science-y stuff! (after all, that’s my undergrad haha) Tara, can’t wait for our next meetup! 😀

Yey! DId you also get excited by the recent discovery on the big bang theory? Anyway, recently, I’ve been watching a lot of singularity or AI-related movies. Any sci-fi book recos? I remember you mentioning that you like that genre. I don’t know a lot of sci-fi books apart from one book by Robert Heinlein and Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Library (by Robin Sloan). The latter is a young adult book but I think you might like it. There was a brief mention of singularity and you might find google-related stuff (one of the characters is a google employee)

Thanks for the unboxing post, Pat! And yes, I got the one with the foot blush! Hehe 😀

Aw~ I haven’t tried the tonic spray yet either but I have high hopes! 😀

Valda fans, you and I ❤

I’m buying a tin after I finish this!

Just reading around 🙂 you and kristel seem to have very similar styles of writing. Good job!

Aw thanks, I’m very flattered! Tellie is much funnier though and I love her clever insights.

[…] we have this hair mask from one of my previous Glamourboxes. I really like how this performs on my hair; it’s almost as good as the Organix conditioner. […]

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