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Pinay Curvies October #Selfie Challenge

Posted on: October 30, 2013

One of the friendliest communities I found online is the Pinay Curvies, and they are holding a #Selfie Challenge this October. I’ve decided to join it! Read this for more info about the challenge.


Q&A Portion:


How did you make your #selfie special?

I see myself as a woman of many roles, and I have corresponding faces for each of these roles. As a manager in my company, I present myself as serious and responsible and my clean and office-appropriate makeup and wardrobe reflects such. My manager face is taken during one of my shifts in the office. As a wife and mother, I present a fun and more natural looking face that is ready for anything. My wife/mother face is taken right before a family dinner. Lastly, as a beauty blogger I become more adventurous in the pursuit of learning about makeup and skin care. My blogger face is taken in one of my tutorials on makeup.


What’s your inspiration for your #selfie?

My inspiration is the beauty blogging world in general, since selfies are a must in beauty blogging. In the almost one year I have been beauty blogging, I have learned so much not only about makeup and skin care, but also about blogging in general and the different supportive communities online. I have learned to be more self confident, and to believe in myself and my capabilities.


In general, what do you think of #selfies? Do you like it or not?

Selfies, when done right, are a great way of self expression and are definitely a great tool for beauty blogging. I like looking at selfies, especially if I am learning from them.

4 Responses to "Pinay Curvies October #Selfie Challenge"

You’re adorable! I don’t see how you can be plus size… But adorable! The angle and exposure at which your manager selfie is taken is best. 😀

Aw you are so sweet Eula! Thank you! 😀 I take that to mean that I have indeed improved my makeup skills as I don’t look too overweight in my photos. 😀

Pat, thank you so much for joining! I loveeeee how you presented three looks for this challenge. ang galing mo!


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