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Nails: Ikat and Stripes

Posted on: October 7, 2013

The purpose of this week’s nail art is to test drive my new Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black (hauled last August). If you will recall, it comes with two applicators – a thin striping brush and a pen head. Check out the photos below to refresh your memory.

gbloot13 gbloot15 gbloot16 gbloot11

At the same time, I also wanted to try a nail art design called ikat. My inspiration is this tutorial by Kayla Shevonne. For this nail art I used Dazzle Dry Sahara, White Lightning, and Spearmint Tea for the yellow, white, and teal respectively, and of course the Models Own Nail Art Pen for the black. I faithfully followed the instructions, but making use of the White Lightning and my striping brush instead of a white striper. Here is how it came out:


Again, I forgot that I wasn’t actually using Dazzle Dry for the black, and applied the top coat too quickly. It resulted in some streaking of the black stripes, especially in the thumb, pointer, and ring fingers. Luckily the ikat design allows for such streaking and it doesn’t actually seem like it’s a ruined design.


I also want to mention that I had to cut off a bit off the end of the striper brush of the nail art pen because some fibers were longer and was messing up my stripes. I used a nail clipper to cut off the longer tips, and now all the fibers are of the same length. Below is a shot of the design in sunlight.


I didn’t imagine I could do this on my right hand (painted using my nondominant left), so I just made a simple stripe design using the same color theme. This time I used the pen head to do the black stripes. The fine lines actually evoked some sort of comic-feel to this design. Again I forgot about the longer drying time (see the pinky)!

ikats3 ikats4

Sunlight shots of the right hand stripe design below.

ikats6 ikats7

As this is a review, here are the pros and cons of the Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black. Take note that this costs Php440, and can be bought from the Glamourbox Boutique.

Pros: makes good thin lines using either applicator; portable

Cons: limited availability (online only); a bit expensive; drying time is a little long

8 Responses to "Nails: Ikat and Stripes"

The one on your left hand is so pretty! Best nail art to date!

Thanks Tellie! 😀 I’ll redo it, cleaner next time.

it reminds me talaga of despicable me! i love it 🙂

Uy thanks! Maybe I should attempt an actual despicable me nail art, the yellow DD seems perfect for it. 😀

Love the streaky ikat design! Looks intentional 😉

Thank you! With those streaks it actually looks more like creepy eyes to me now haha! 😛

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