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Nails: Green dots

Posted on: September 30, 2013

After weeks of just swatches, I wanted to take a break and go back to nail art for a bit. I also wanted to put my new dotting tool to a test (bought last August). Here it is side by side with my old dotting tool (the one with the bent head). Both are by BK Nails, the new one is the one on the right on the first photo.

greendots2 greendots1

I just wanted a simple nail art composed mainly of dots. My inspiration is from this black and white nail art but instead I used greens. For this nail art I used Models Own Jade Stone as my base color, Dazzle Dry Me d’Forest Queen and Polar Jade for the dots.

greendots3 greendots4

The process is simple.

  1. Prep the nails using the Dazzle Dry Nail Prep and Base Coat.
  2. Put two layers of Jade Stone on all nails.
  3. Using the dotting tool with the bigger head, put three to four dots of Me d’Forest Queen randomly on all nails.
  4. Using the dotting tool with the smaller head, scatter many dots of Polar Jade around the bigger dots.
  5. Top with Dazzle Dry Top Coat.

Check it out. It’s quite simple, yet striking! In dimmer light the darker green of Me d’Forest Queen looks almost black.

greendots5 greendots6

I went a little crazy with the small dots on my right hand.


The sparkles of Polar Jade is more evident in sunlight.

greendots8 greendots9

What do you think? Simple, yet effective!

6 Responses to "Nails: Green dots"

Nice! I like the colorful and uneven dots!

Thanks! Dots are my favorite design lately. 😀

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