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Saturday Shorts Vol. 2

Posted on: September 7, 2013

Welcome to the second volume of Saturday Shorts. I’ve decided I’ll do an every-other-week post for this series so that I’ll have the option to do something else on the other Saturdays. Anyway! This week, we will focus on eye products.


1. Creation Eyeshadow Palette

satshorts2-2 satshorts2-5

Remember one of my earliest hauls? I got this super cheap palette for only Php25 (it was on sale) from Saizen. It has six shades: three greens, one blue, one white, and one shimmery beige. The eyeshadows are very powdery and prone to fall out, and is pretty stubborn to apply. It’s pretty cheap though, but I think this is only good for playing with. It might be better applied with a wet brush, but I haven’t tried it yet.

2. Olay Regenerist Eye Cream

satshorts2-3 satshorts2-4

This eye cream is one of a duo of Olay products I got from the SM Watsons Beauty Box. It has 10 ml of product. I use it mostly at night, and apply it both on my undereyes and on my lids. I have so far not been wowed by any immediate results, but at least my undereyes have been kept well moisturized. There are no visible lightening of either my undereyes or my lids, after three weeks of continuous use. To be fair, it didn’t really promise that. Instead it promises smoother lids and softer lines. While I can say that my lids may have become smoother, my undereye lines haven’t softened yet. I think I have only used a third to a half of the tube (hard to tell since the tube is quite opaque), so I will update this post if there are any changes to my feedback once I finish this tube.

3. Ever Bilena Evera Eye Pencil with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E


I bought this eye pencil way back in March, at one of the Watsons branches in Makati. It’s a very stiff pencil that might be better used on the brows than as eyeliner, but I’m using it as eyeliner more often. It is a nice shade of brown that usually goes well with my everyday makeup, but I don’t use it too often as it really is too hard and pulls on my lids too much. It’s also not waterproof, and will easily wash out in the rain or if you sweat a lot. I would probably consider getting another shade (a darker brown probably) to use on my brows, as this is pretty cheap at Php35.


2 Responses to "Saturday Shorts Vol. 2"

Love how you’re repurposing the Ever Bilena. At Php 35, there HAS to be some use for it, hahaha!

IKR! Super cheap that it’s almost impossible to say no haha!

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