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Unboxing: Dazzle Dry Mother’s Day Sale

Posted on: May 12, 2013

If you’ve been following my blog for the past few weeks, you’ll see that I have recently been initiated into the wonderful world of Dazzle Dry. I am now a huge fan and since they are currently hosting a Mother’s Day Sale in their Facebook page, I decided to get myself a set of DD lacquers. The regular price of each of these is Php450, but they are only Php399 during the sale. I was able to receive my lacquers in about three days since I ordered over the weekend. It’s usually shorter if ordered on the weekdays. The package came in a rather large cardboard box filled with large packing peanuts. I’m not showing it anymore since it’s just a regular courier box. Inside that box is a smaller box that contains my new lacquers.



It has my name handwritten on top! I gather that this is previously a box that contained High Velocity Red lacquers (you can see it vaguely from that sticker on the upper left). I love that they recycle! And now, I have a nice and handy container for my own lacquers too. Let’s see how it looks like when opened.



There they are! My new babies! Four glorious bottles of DD lacquer, ready and waiting for me to try them out. And I have two more slots! (hee hee) Let’s see how they look like.

Ddbox3 Ddbox4


Nice big beautiful bottles that contain 15ml of lacquer each. I got four shades: Lavender Parade, Polar Jade, Sahara, and White Lightning. I got lucky; I think I got the last bottle of White Lightning. Originally I wanted Frozen Lemonade (a flatter and more pastel yellow) instead of Sahara, but now that I have Sahara with me I have no regrets. DD also didn’t have a lot of green shades yet, but as green is my favorite color I have to have one so I chose Polar Jade. It’s the only frosted shade I got.

You might notice I didn’t get any pinks or nudes. This is because I am waiting for the full sized version of Strawberry Macaron. It’s not yet available at the moment.



I can’t wait to swatch these! And maybe try some nail art too. DD dries so fast which makes it ideal for doing nail art.

Want your own Dazzle Dry? Hurry and catch their Mother’s Day Sale over at their Facebook page! Some shades are already out of stock, so better hurry and choose your own.

7 Responses to "Unboxing: Dazzle Dry Mother’s Day Sale"

Lovely colors! Sounds like a great sale.

– KW

I agree! I can’t wait to swatch them. Maybe I’ll go snag a few more while the sale is ongoing. 🙂

Is it so basurera of me to love the box the most? hahaha!

Haha no! I super love the box too, very convenient!

Love your color selections! I wanted to try Dazzle Dry but they are quite expensive for my thinning wallet. Maybe next sale, perhaps? Haha!

Thanks! 😀 I too, fervently hope there will be another sale!

[…] month since I bought them, but it’s only now that I’ve finally been able to swatch the Dazzle Dry lacquers I acquired during the Mother’s Day […]

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