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Nails: Matte Attack!

Posted on: February 13, 2013

I continue to be surprised at my nail polish finds. Just when I thought I found the cheapest nail polish brands in Sassy and Colour Trends, I found yet a third brand that sells polishes under Php20: OMG (Oh My Golly) brand of polish by Klik. I found this brand in Landmark Department Store (they also carry more shades of Colour Trends).

And what’s this? I also found, in addition to delicious shades of polish, an unassuming bottle of OMG Matte Potion. I have always wanted to try matte polishes, and I have listed Essie’s Matte About You top coat in my wish list. The prohibitive cost and limited availability is what’s stopping me from buying that. I wouldn’t scoff at OMG though, and without hesitation I grabbed this precious bottle.


That rubber band is to help me unscrew the cap. Tip of the day!

To begin my adventures in matte, I paired it with this delicious OMG shade: Mojito. It’s kind of a bluish emerald, or perhaps a sea green. Of course I always preface any nail attempt with my trusty Caronia base coat.

Before I show you the swatches, I would like to apologize in advance that I was not able to take a shot of OMG Mojito alone. I was so excited to see how the Matte Potion turned out that I didn’t stop to think that I needed to take pictures of Mojito. It’s a lovely wearable shade though, so definitely I will be using it again in the future and will be able to take pictures. Without further ado, the swatches!


It’s wonderful! The shade turned into a wonderful matte green without lessening the brightness. My nails have gotten a lot of compliments! It’s definitely a keeper, especially since both the Mojito and the Matte Potion are under Php20 each.

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2 Responses to "Nails: Matte Attack!"

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